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Where To Bet March Madness Props


March Madness is the biggest event in sports as the NCAA Tournament brings non-stop basketball action like no other. There are constant games, constant upsets, and constant action. In addition to being able to bet on the games, the sheer amount of prop bets on the NCAA Tournament is staggering. The tournament is one of the biggest betting events of the year that draws in a ton of gamblers so the amount of betting options make sense. The NCAA Tournament is like the Super Bowl, only spread out over a couple of weeks.

The prop bets for the tournament are a ton of fun because you can bet on things that might happen in ANY game, not just a particular one. You can bet on an upset among any team, not just a particular game. You can bet on a buzzer beater in any game, not just one. There are loads of options that span the entire tournament or each individual round, and we will get into more below.

This article is going to cover all the prop bets that you can make for March Madness. Where to bet them, how to bet them, as well as strategies to bet them.

Where To Bet March Madness Prop Bets:

America: Bovada is one of the biggest sportsbooks around and they have you covered for March Madness. This is one of the biggest times of the year for them and they have a lot of betting options when it comes to prop bets for March Madness. You can also bet on each individual game and each game has its own selection of game props.

Canada: You will love the selection of prop bets at Sports Interaction. This is one of the best sites for betting college basketball online and they really go all out for March Madness. You can bet props on every game as well as other tournament and round long props.

Everywhere Else: 888 is one of the top sites for betting on March Madness. If you are looking for props, they have you covered for all the NCAA prop bets you could possibly want. Just a huge selection of options that are too much to list here.

What are March Madness Prop Bets?

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Prop bets are a variety of bets that you can make on things that may or may not occur during the NCAA Tournament. There are a wide variety of different bets you can make, but here is a few examples of the most popular ones.

  • Most Outstanding Player Award: Odds set on the top players on the tournament and who will win the Most Outstanding Player award.
  • Will a top seed lose?: You will see odds like this:

    Will a No. 1 seed lose in round 1? YES +1200 No -5000

    This odd will then change for round two. You can also find this for No. 2 seeds as well with differing odds.

  • Most Points Scored in a Game: This will be an over/under, typically around 40 points. You can bet it on just the first round, second round, or the entire tournament. If you bet over and someone scores 41, you win.
  • Largest margin of victory: An over/under total set on the largest margin of victory in a single round or the entire tournament.
  • Total Buzzer Beater Shots: This is always a fun one. How many buzzer beating shots in the first round? A buzzer beater is defined as a shot taken for the win that goes in with no time left on the clock.

These are just a few examples and there are literally hundreds of potential prop bets for the NCAA tournament.

Common NCAA Tournament Prop Bet Questions:

Is the Most Outstanding Player always on the championship team?

In recent history, yes. The last player to win the Most Outstanding Player award that wasn’t on the tournament winning team was Akeem Olajuwon in 1983. It was far more common prior to that, but in recent history it hasn’t happened.

A fun note, the women’s Most Outstanding Player has only been a non-champion once as well.

What is the best buzzer beater in NCAA Tournament history?

This is a subjective argument as your team’s buzzer beater is probably going to rank higher in your mind than any other. That said, a lot of people really think that Christian Laetner’s 1992 buzzer beater for Duke is the best ever. The shot is so memorable it became known as “The Shot” and was seen by a ton of people as it took place in the Elite 8 between Duke and Kentucky.

How To Bet NCAA Tournament Props:

Bovada: Click “Basketball” up top and then select “College Basketball” from the drop down menu.

Sports Interaction: College Basketball will be linked right from the left side. Underneath it on the menu, you’ll see a link to props.

888: From the top menu select “Basketball” and then find “NCAAB”. The props will be listed under Outrights.

March Madness Prop Bets Betting Strategy:

There are a ton of prop bets that you can bet on, but one bet that I have enjoyed making over the years is the buzzer beater prop bet.

You can bet on how many buzzer beaters will occur during the first round and I like to bet “0”. Why? Because how often does this really happen? Teams take the best shot and there can be 0.3 seconds left on the clock. A game winning shot, sure, but not technically a buzzer beater. I find that things go down this way far more often than not. Plus, with so many mismatches in the first round you are drawing from a much smaller pool.

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