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Where To Bet UFC 246: McGregor vs Cerrone Online


UFC 246 takes place on Saturday, January 18th. It features Conor McGregor in his return to UFC facing off against Donald Cerrone. There are other matches on the card of course but let’s be honest this is the one that everyone cares about.

I’m going to tell you the best online sportsbook to bet UFC 246.

You may already bet online already and wonder why you shouldn’t just bet at your current sportsbook. Or you have never bet online before and are wondering why you should bet at the online sportsbook I recommend for betting UFC 246.

Well there are a lot of reasons including:

  • Get a deposit bonus just for signing up. (Free cash!)
  • Get the best odds.
  • Access unique UFC props not found elsewhere
  • Get various rewards and reload bonuses just for having an account
  • Trustworthy online sportsbook that I personally use
  • Fast withdrawals

And so much more. Seriously read below and check them out and decide for yourself.

Where To Bet UFC 246 Online

The best online sportsbook to bet UFC 246 at is BetOnline. I’ve went through all of the online sportsbooks that I trust and use, and I strongly advise BetOnline is the place you bet UFC 246 at.

First of all they offer the best odds out of all the online sportsbooks right now. Whether it is Conor McGregor or Donald Cerrone you want to bet, they are better than other sportsbooks.

They also offer a wide variety of prop bets. Want to bet if the fight goes the distance? If Conor wins by KO or TKO? Or if Cerrone wins by submission?

Want to bet that Conor wins in the 2nd round? Or the over/under on rounds? Whatever you want to bet on UFC 246, they offer it.

They also offer the best odds on all the other fights on the card.

They offer risk-free bets such as a $25 free bet on in-game betting, and another $50 risk free bet on mobile betting. Then a 50% to $1,000 deposit bonus. So if you deposit $100 you immediately have $150 to bet with.

They also have a refer a friend program. various reload bonuses. Run various contests and are yeah – just the current best sportsbook for betting UFC.

If you’re looking to bet UFC 246: McGregor vs Cerrone, the best place to bet it is BetOnline.

I have looked through all the online sportsbooks that I bet at, and out of all of them I would suggest them and that’s where I will be placing my UFC 246 bets at.

What UFC 246 Bets Are There?

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Here are a list of all the prop bets you can make on UFC 246s main event of Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone and for most other fights in UFC.

  • Who will win the fight
  • The over/under on number of rounds
  • If a fighter will win by decision
  • if a fighter will win by submission
  • if a fighter will win by TKO/KO
  • If a fighter wins in a specific round
  • if a fighter wins inside the distance
  • If the fight is a draw
  • If the fight goes the distance
  • Method of Victory
  • When the fight will end

Some online sportsbooks may offer additional betting but that’s generally what you can bet on UFC 246.

Common UFC 246 Betting Questions:

What are the odds on McGregor vs Cerrone?:

Conor McGregor is approximately a -350 favourite and Donald Cerrone is a +290 underdog. That means for Conor bet $350 to win $100 and for Cowboy bet $100 to win $290.

What is the best bet to make for McGregor vs Cerrone?

It’s hard to see Conor winning via any method other than KO/TKO so betting McGregor to win by KO/TKO is the best bet. That’s about -175 to -200 odds which isn’t too shabby.

How to Bet UFC 246 online

So when you visit BetOnline: and go to the sports section, MMA/UFC isn’t immediately listed. It’s in the sidebar under “Other Sports”. Expand that and you can click on MMA to bet on the basics on it. If you want all the Cerrone vs McGregor props, click on “MMA Props” and you will see them. When you click on them they are added to your bet slip on the right and then you can click to place the bet.

McGregor vs Cerrone Betting Strategy:

First of all for general UFC 246 Betting Strategy, look on the prelims. I always suggest that. Do the extra research on the prelims as that’s where you can generally make your money. Get to know the fighters better than the linesmakers do.

For McGregor vs Cerrone – first remember it is UFC and that anything can happen. Just like any sport. However all week we have seen a lot of hype by UFC with guys like GSP coming out and saying Cerrone has a great ground game blah blah blah and that’s how he can win. Cerrone wants to stand and bang. It’s what he does. If Chad Mendes struggles to take Conor down then Cerrone has no chance.

The only concern is whether McGregor is rusty or not. I personally bet against him following the Mayweather fight expecting that would be the case. He clearly wasn’t in the mood for that one etc.

I’d advise like I said above – if you want to bet on this fight, the best bet is McGregor to win by KO/TKO. Don’t overthink it. McGregor is an incredibly talented fighter especially on the standup. He’s lost two fights in UFC – to a man with an iron chin he wasn’t preparing for and to a complete freak.

A small bet on McGregor to win by KO/TKO is fine. In saying that there is a risk factor especially in any fight involving Cerrone.

Bet UFC 246 at BetOnline.

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