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Where To Bet UFC 266: Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler


I mean okay – the main event is technically Volkanovski defending against Ortega. But let’s be honest; the main reason we are betting this PPV is for the return of Nick Diaz!

After a lengthy hiatus, Nick Diaz is returning to UFC to fight Robbie Lawler in a Welterweight fight at UFC 266. It’s a stacked card with Valentina Shevchenko defending against Lauren Murphy as well.

I’ll be covering the best online sportsbooks to bet UFC 266 at, with a strong focus on listing the best online sportsbooks due to props related to Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler.

Where To Bet UFC 266

America: The best online sportsbook to bet UFC 266 at is Bovada. When it comes to MMA events they cover a wide variety of promotions, and always offer up a good variety of prop bets.

For specific fights such as Diaz vs Lawler, they will no doubt have some unique prop bets. For every fight you will be able to bet on the winner of the fight, method of victory and various other options.

Canada: The best option for Canadians for UFC 266 betting is Bodog due to the amount of prop bets available, and a great signup bonus.

Everywhere Else: The best option is BetOnline who have a lot of unique prop bets and will do fun ones related to the press conferences. A note to Americans and Canadians – an account at BetOnline isn’t a bad idea either due to the unique prop bets they have offered for past events.

What UFC 266: Diaz vs Lawler Bets Are There?

At this time, the only bets available for UFC 266 are the basics.

This includes who will win each fight, when a fight will be finished, over/unders in relation to that and round by round betting.

You are also able to bet on the method of victory or how the fight will finish, and even bet on the opponent. So you could bet Diaz by TKO/KO in Round 3 if you wanted to.

More unique prop bets will be added closer to the event and I will be sure to update this article. There will likely be prop bets based on whether they touch glove, bets related to the press conference, post match interviews and much more.

Common UFC 266 Diaz vs Lawler Questions:

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What are the Betting Odds for Diaz vs Lawler?

The odds are extremely close right now. The best odds for Nick Diaz are about +100 odds while the best odds for Robbie Lawler are -105 odds.

How to Bet UFC 266: Diaz vs Lawler

Bovada: Go to the UFC/MMA category and all bets are available there. Each fight is listed and then you click on that fight to expand it and see all of the odds available. When you click on a bet it gets added to your bet slip and you can add more to parlay it or just straight bet.

Bodog: Exact same instructions as above as it’s the same interface. Just click on the fight you want to bet on and expand it to see all betting props available.

BetOnline: You will find the bets available for UFC 266 in two different areas; under MMA and then under MMA props. It can be a bit confusing in that regard. Once you find the bets you want to make, you add them to your bet slip which shows up on the right then you can place your bets.

UFC 266 Diaz vs Lawler Betting Strategy:

Usually when it comes to specific UFC PPVs I focus on one thing: tellking you to bet the undercard. That’s really the case at all shows. The lines are never as good and if you spend a couple of hours analyzing the fighters on the early prelims, and studying what they are doing now training wise etc – you can really give yourself an edge.

For Diaz vs Lawler – look, it’s been so long since Nick fought and even longer since he last won a fight. Talent wise he has what it takes to beat Lawler. It’s just a case of will he or not. We saw the Anderson Silva fight and how he messed around in that.

I’d say throw a bet on Nick Diaz at coinflip odds and just hope he takes it seriously.

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