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Where To Bet UFC 262


UFC 262 will take place from Houston, Texas on May 15th, 2021.

it features the main event of Michael Chandler vs Charles Oliveira. This one will be a Lightweight Championship bout with that current title vacant of course due to Khabib retiring.

Of course the true main event for most of us is the return of Nate Diaz. It’s the first time we’ve seen Nate since he fought Masvidal for the BMF Championship back in November 2019. This one is going to be historic for UFC as it will be the first fight that is 5 rounds and isn’t in the main event, nor for a title. Nate faces off against Leon Edwards.

In this article I am going to cover the best places to bet UFC 262. Now UFC 262 is available to bet pretty much everywhere but some sportsbooks are better than others. Don’t you want the best odds? The best props? The best deposit and withdrawal system? Then read on…

Where To Bet UFC 262

The best online sportsbook to bet UFC 262 is BetOnline.

First of all they are the only sportsbook to have odds for UFC 262 months out like they do for all UFC PPVs. Now you may not want to bet on a show that far out but in terms of finding some early value it can be very good to have those early lines.

Then you have props. Prior to the show they will have a wide variety of betting props. Along with the standard props like method of victory, how many rounds it will go etc they usually load up with a few unique props – some of them very fun – for the main fights.

They also have a variety of deposit options so you should have no problem getting your money on to bet and of course fast withdrawals too which is always important to have.

In summary the best overall sportsbook is BetOnline for betting UFC 262.

What UFC 262 Bets Are There?

The obvious one of course is the ability to bet the winner of the fight. Then you can place bets on how you think they will win. Think Nate Diaz will win by TKO/KO? You can place that bet. You can also bet him to win by submission, or combine the TKO/KO/Submission bet into one. With someone versatile like Nate it’s certainly worth covering all the bases.

You can bet on whether a fighter will win by decision. You can break the bet down as well – for example if you think Edwards will win in the 1st round. Or hell if you think Edwards will win in the 1st round by KO – bet that for even bigger odds.

Then there is round by round betting. You can bet what round the fight will finish in, or if it will go over/under 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds depending on the fight. You can bet if it will go to a decision victory or not and you can bet point spreads ie: Nate Diaz -3.5 if it goes to a decision.

Just an example of the wide variety of bets available for UFC 262 at BetOnline.

Common UFC 262 Betting Questions:

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What were the UFC 262 Opening Odds?:

Nate Diaz opened as a +335 underdog against the -400 Leon Edwards.

Michael Chandler was a slight underdog at +110 against the -130 Charles Oliveira.

Tony Ferguson was a slight underdog at +125 against the -145 Beneil Dariush.

Finally the other fight announced early on was Edmen Shahbazyan versus Jack Hermansson. Jack opened at -180 and Edmen was about +150.

How to Bet UFC 262

BetOnline: Under the Martial Arts section in their sidebar, there are two different spots to look. There is “MMA” which will usually just cover the fight results and then “MMA Props” which will give all the additional prop bets.

UFC 262 Betting Strategy:

There are two methods to use when it comes to the big PPVs:

1: Bet against the fan favourites. I mean don’t bet blindly of course. But Conor McGregor is a good example of someone to bet against as he gets a lot of the Irish money on him tilting his odds. Taking Cerrone versus him would have been a mistake obviously but there was a lot of good justification to bet Khabib and Poirier against him. Apply that evidence here. UFC 257 for example everyone wrote off Michael Chandler and well we saw what happened there. Always value like that to be found.

2: Look at the undercard. Pick a few close odds fights, and study them. Most people and the sportsbooks focus on the main card which gets the most action. The prelims are where a lot of value can be had.

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