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Where To Bet McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bets


UFC 257 takes place on Saturday, January 23rd 2021.

The card features Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor.

One nice thing about big fights such as this one, is that the sportsbooks really step up their game. Conor McGregor fights always take a lot of action even if he is a heavy favourite.

Him being a big favourite means that the online sportsbooks have to step up their game though. They need to come up with additional prop bets to get people betting more.

I’ve looked through the sportsbook offers and after reviewing 20 different sportsbooks, I’ve narrowed it down to the best sportsbook to bet Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier prop bets at.

Where To Bet McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bets:

The best overall sportsbook to bet the prop bets at is BetOnline.

This is due to the sheer mass quantity of the prop bets, as well as the fact that there is a good mix of prop bets. Bets related to the fight itself, and bets outside of the fight.

On top of that, their odds for most prop bets and the fight itself are better than other sportsbooks.

They also accept people from every country (including America). if you’re looking to bet McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bets, BetOnline is the place to go.

What McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bets Are There?

I’m going to provide a list here of every prop bet you can make at BetOnline for this fight. I should note they are adding new ones when they get suggested to them so it’s worth checking to see if they have anything new beyond this list.

  • Length of Bruce Buffer’s Introduction: Over/Under 167.5 Seconds
  • Will the fight end within 60 seconds?
  • Who gets the first successful takedown?
  • Who will be the first to bleed?
  • If McGregor loses, who will he fight next?
  • If McGregor wins, who will he fight next?
  • Will McGregor say “Proper 12” in Octagon interview?
  • Who will land the most strikes?
  • Will either be knocked or submitted unconscious?
  • Will either fighter bleed?
  • Will McGregor and Poirier touch gloves?
  • Will McGregor knockdown Poirier?
  • Will Poirier Knockdown McGregor?

There are also various prop bets related to the year 2021 such as an over/under on MMA victories for Conor, or if Poirier will stay Lightweight for his next fight if he is victorious.

On top of that, there are the standard bets that BetOnline offer for practically every fight which are:

  • Will the fight start round 2? 3? 4? 5?
  • Will a fighter win inside the distance?
  • Will it go the distance?
  • Method of Victory and for whom?
  • Method & Round Combo Bet
  • Round by Round points betting>
  • Point spread

Common McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bet Questions:

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Is there any prop betting tips you can give for McGregor vs Poirier?:

I like the question of who McGregors next MMA opponent will be if he loses. Nate Diaz is -150 there. However “Other” is +150 and with Gaethje, Ferguson and Oliveira the only others on that list, I’d be betting big on “Other”. If McGregor loses he will want a rematch immediately.

How to Bet McGregor vs Poirier Prop Bets

To find the prop bets for McGregor vs Poirier at BetOnline, visit them and under the sportsbook section click on “Martial Arts”. This will expand it, and you will see an MMA Props category. Click that. All props for UFC 257 are there includng all of the Conor vs Poirier prop bets.

McGregor vs Poirier Prop Betting Strategy:

The biggest mistake people make with prop bets is going with their gut etc. Ignore the ones where it is completely random and instead look to go with the facts. The length of Buffer’s introduction for example. Time previous intros. Time them involving McGregor and Poirier from recent fights. Time them in Abu Dhabi. You should be able to get the answer there to make a mathematically sound bet.

Same with the bleeding questions and knockdown questions. Look back at both fighters fights to see if that’s worth betting.

Don’t get caught up in gut feelings. And don’t be afraid to invest in a couple of futures that won’t pay off for a couple of months either.

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