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Where To Bet UFC 261


UFC 261 is the next big UFC PPV event taking place, featuring a hell of a main event as we have Kamaru Usman fighting Jorge Masvidal. Kamaru Usman will defend his Welterweight Championship and looking to have his fourth succesful title defense.

Of course this is the 2nd fight between the two. Usman defeated Masvidal at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi last July. Masvidal stepped in on short notice for that one so has the excuse there to justify the rematch. For Masvidal, this will be his first fight since then.

The short notice does not appear to affect the betting odds based on the first fight; Usman is a heavy favourite at -385 odds.

The main event isn’t really the best thing to bet – not outright anyway. However there are a lot of other bettable options on the card based on betting props and the other fights.

Let’s cover where to bet UFC 261 with that being our primary focus:

Where To Bet UFC 261

America: The best online sportsbook for Americans looking to bet UFC 261 is Bovada. They are one of the must trustworthy online sportsbooks, offer great deposit options and bonuses, and on top of that offer a wide variety of prop bets.

You’ll be able to bet on round by round action such as over/under 2.5 rounds, 3.5 rounds etc as well as the method of victory – such as whether a fighter will win within the distance or with TKO/KO etc. This will be for all fights on the card not just the main event.

Everywhere Else: The best online sportsbook would be Mr Green. They have an incredible offering when it comes to MMA. Not only do they cover UFC but they cover practically every other fighting company out there which is awesome – some real value to be had on the smaller organizations. Prop wise they always have a good selection of props related to each fight as well.

Please note with Mr Green I have found that they are often a bit slow in adding those props – you will get them on the day of the event. They also usually have the special prop of “Fight To End in the First 60 Seconds” with high odds – one that I enjoy betting for fun.

Quick note for whatever country you are in – be sure to give BetOnline a look too as they offer a good selection of unique prop bets too.

What UFC 261 Prop Bets Are There?

The UFC 261 prop bets you will be able bet on include:

  • Will each fight go the distance?
  • Will each fight start Round 2, 3, 4, 5 (depending on fight)
  • Will a specific fighter win within the distance?
  • Will a specific fighter win by decision?
  • Will the fight be a draw?
  • Handicap betting based on judges scorecards

Just a sample of the prop bets available for all the fights on the UFC 261 card.

Common UFC 261 Betting Questions:

MMA Deposit Bonuses

What are the odds on an Usman or Masvidal KO?

There are no odds for that yet. Should be up a couple of days prior to the fight.

What are the best odds for Usman vs Masvidal?

The sportsbooks listed both above and below are the best odds and also offer the best betting props.

How to Bet UFC 261

Bovada: They offer it in their top navigation bar under UFC/MMA. Simply click that and it lists the fights. Then you choose the fight you want to bet on and expand the “Bets” section to the right to see all the props. Add them to you bet slip and place that bet.

Mr Green: You can run a search for it or look under their “Sports A-Z” and it is listed under MMA. Simply choose the bet you want to make or click on the fight to expand and see all available props. Add it to your bet slip, verify it then bet away.

BetOnline: Under their Martial Arts section there is both “MMA” and “MMA Props”. Both categories will list a variety of different bets. So explore both of those to find the bets you want to make.

UFC 261 Betting Strategy:

For the big PPVs I always say the same thing – focus on the undercard. The main card gets the most action due to casual betting. Pick a few of the fights that are close, really analyze them and watch the fighters previous fights etc and go from there – see if you can get an edge.

There are a lot of relatively close fights on the undercard so focus on them. Batgerel vs Natividad, Oliveiria vs Brown etc. Run google searches on their names, look at MMA Forums etc and not just betting forums.

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