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Where To Bet MLB: The Show

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Major League Baseball has always been an institution in the world of American sports, so it seems only right that this is fast becoming the case for its video-game counterpart MLB: The Show too. Marking the official franchise for American Baseball, MLB is evolving into an eSport in its own right, with the opportunity to place a bet now greater than ever.

The first MLB title came out back in 1997 with MLB ’98, and its developers, SIE Worldwide Studios, have been releasing it ever since. Officially tied to the Major League Baseball association in North America, it’s a franchise with huge appeal all across the world. In 2006 it would gain the subtitle of ‘The Show’, and it’s been released on annual basis, featuring all the latest MLB players and teams.

Primarily available on the PlayStation, it’s published by Sony, making it one of their flagship eSports titles. This is set to change in the future though, as the franchise makes its way across platforms, bringing the eSport to a whole new audience. What does this mean for you and your bets though, and where should you place your money down when betting on MLB: The Show?

Where To Bet MLB: The Show Online:


For everyone in North America, they’ll be extensively covered by BetOnline, it being a primarily American eSport.


This will again be BetOnline, as it’s also available across all of Canada, delivering a whole range of MLB bets.

Everywhere Else:

With international betting coverage for MLB as an eSport, BetOnline is also the best option here too.

How to Bet MLB: The Show:


You can select ‘Esports’ straight away from the top of the landing page, taking you through to the eSports bets themselves, and ‘MLB’ will be down the side when open. Sometimes you will find it in the ‘Sports’ section though, under ‘Baseball’ with the other Baseball categories, as it’s titled ‘MLB: The Show’ when available. You need to make an account to go further then, opening the bets from the list of any upcoming events in the center of the page.

What MLB: The Show Bets/Props Are There?

The first bets you’ll be offered is outright wins on the players themselves, along with over/under wagers. Being in its early stages as an eSport still, this should grow, especially now that the franchise is expanding cross-platform finally. You can still make the most of what’s on offer though, treating it as you would any real game of Baseball playing live.
Between the points and the outright bets, you should be able to create a decent spread, with most games covered here. Don’t forget, it consists of two players facing off against one another, with it being down to their skill alone, and how they manage their teams.

Common MLB: The Show Betting Questions:

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How does this compare to traditional Baseball:
Using the same format in game, you can easily get by on your traditional knowledge of Baseball when betting on MLB as an eSport. With one player controlling the whole team, the matches are as close to realism as possible, whilst many professional Baseball players have also sung the praises of the game. Obviously the controls of the game aren’t the same, but the look and the feel are as close as you’re going to get with any Baseball video-game.

A great thing about eSports is that you can often watch the way that players play the game to get a feel of how they do things. There are many options to see other games that the eSports player has played to see how they play.

Another good thing is that you can also play the game yourself and learn the strength and weakness of the different MLB teams in the game itself. If there is a match-up that you think is lopsided from a baseball perspective, or a match-up where you think offense could come easily, then you have an advantage in your own betting.

Can I join an MLB: The Show e-sports tournament/league?

There are websites online where you can find an independent league that accept people to join without any experience. These are usually relatively easy to join and all you really need to do is show up on time. Additionally, many schools will offer them for their students.

If you are looking to play for real money then you need to find the e-sports league that is offering it and find out how you can qualify. Some players can qualify via tournaments meaning you have to win a tournament to enter a tournament. It is different for each tournament/league so it’s just a matter of finding out the qualifications and then trying to get those qualifications.

One good site with a list of upcoming tournaments is ESL Play. They have a dedicated page for MLB: The Show where you can find all the upcoming games.

Where To Watch MLB: The Show Online:

MLB themselves are covering the various different eSports matches online, with outlets such as Fox Sports Go, ESPN, and YouTube broadcasting the games. Fox Sports and ESPN will ensure that the games are available in America, whilst YouTube will allow you to catch-up online over the official MLB channel. The SonySanDiegoStudio channel on Twitch also has plenty available, playing games internationally.

MLB: The Show Betting Strategy:

Approach it the same way you would a traditional game of Baseball, making the most of the over/under betting. Players will be stronger in certain areas, but it’s largely down to how they manage their team across the field. Learn how the game itself operates, watching how it functions alongside real-time Baseball, seeing which players can handle all aspects of the gameplay.

Once you have a clearer understanding of how the game operates on its own terms, you should then be able to place a bet with far more profit potential.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.