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Where To Bet KOG KPL Spring Playoffs

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Gaining a large amount of popularity in recent years, the Kings of Glory multiplayer online battle arena game has been building a lot of traction within the eSports industry of late. What we’ll look at here is how you can place a potentially far more profitable wager on the sport, specifically in regards to the King Pro League and their Spring Playoffs.

Run by the Chinese company Tencent, who also own and run League of Legends, this is their latest franchise, following on in a similar vein to the LoL model. Featuring two teams facing off against one another, its objective is to take down each others towers and destroy the opposition’s base. With this game being intended more for the mobile market, it’s essentially a faster paced version of LoL. Working on its own merits as well, there really is a whole plethora of game specific tactics of its own brought in to play.

What are they though, and how can you essentially profit off of them when putting down any kind of a bet? This is what we’ll go over here in greater detail, along with what the KPL Spring Playoffs mean overall.

Where to Bet on KOG KPL Spring Playoffs

America: The main site for betting on KOG in North America will be Bovada, all depending upon when you login. Whilst the options may be somewhat limited, this is still the main site for all your KOG betting needs. Giving you the most choice, it’s expected to build in the years to come, providing more and more as time goes on.

Everywhere Else: For everyone outside of North America internationally, they’ll want to choose Bet365 Sportsbook as their first choice. Again with the most going in regards to KOG, there should be plenty of options during the period of the Spring Playoffs themselves. Easy to navigate and simple to use, it really is the best online sportsbook, plus you can tailor the bets to suit your own personal preferences.

What is KOG KPL Spring Playoffs?

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The KOG KPL, or Kings of Glory King Pro League in full, is the main league for showcasing the Kings of Glory franchise in the world of eSports. Run by Tencent themselves, it has been going since 2015, and now has approximately 200 million players worldwide on a monthly basis. The King Pro League itself is the premier tournament in China, with the Spring Playoffs being instrumental in the lead-up to the summer season, as it typically commences towards the end of March.

The playoffs themselves feature several stages, progressing towards the final results. Here is a quick rundown of them:

  • Starts with a round-robin season consisting of best-of-five matches.
  • From here the top eight teams then progress to the next stage of the playoffs themselves.
  • Using a double-elimination bracket, the final stages are made up of best-of-seven matches.

From this you can find a whole host of different bets to place at any given time. What are they though, and how can you find what’s best for you?

Common KOG KPL Spring Playoffs Betting Questions:

What kind of bets are available?

From the overall match winner results, right down to more specific prop bets, there’s a whole host of potential wagers that you can place. Being able to combine them as well, you should be able to make bets that are far more tailored to your needs. Whilst the sport itself is relatively new, it still continues to grow, with more and more options becoming available every day.

Where can I find out more information?

With this particular sport just starting out, more and more outlets are picking up on it all the time, as it’s largely focused on the Chinese market currently. Building up momentum fast though, more services are starting to take notice. With videos on YouTube, you should be able to find some previous games, and live-streams are offered through sites such as under ‘KPL’ (although the site is largely in Chinese, along with the broadcasts).

How To Bet On The KOG KPL Spring Playoffs

Bovada: Going from the top of the main landing page, you will want to pick ‘Sports’, after which you’ll want ‘E-Sports’, which should be available down the left side of the page. At the top of the page now you will want to click on ‘All E-Sports’, which has the roll-down menu providing the ‘Other E-Sports’ option you’ll need. Rolling down the middle of the page are all the eSports, along with the ‘KOG KPL Spring Playoffs’, which is typically near the bottom.

Bet365 Sportsbook: On the main landing page is the ‘English’ language tab, which is what you’ll need. Following this you will then find ‘Esports’ down the left hand side, which will take you into the eSports section itself. This will then bring up all the eSports themselves rolling down the middle of the page, and you should be able to find all the ‘KOG KPL Spring Playoffs’ options some way further down.

KOG KPL Spring Playoffs Betting Strategy

Whilst this game is predominantly directed towards the Chinese market at the moment, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find out more. Looking to make its way overseas, Arena of Valor is the English variation of the game, which may be a good place to start when looking to learn more on the fundamentals of the game mechanics. Another place would be YouTube, as there’s plenty provided here to help you understand the game in greater detail. Showing you the gameplay, you should then be able to gain a more indepth comprehension of what the game entails, which is essential when placing any kind of bet.

The odds given are also extremely useful, but make sure not to rely solely on these. Whilst they can help ascertain the general outcome of the match, there are plenty of surprises in the world of KOG, with the game itself continually evolving and growing every day. Try and pick up on any gaming patterns, as this will allow you to potentially find where the results are likely headed, along with the team player line-ups being made too. This will then give you the chance to place a more profitable and far more rewarding wager in the KOG KPL Spring Playoffs.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.