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Where To Bet Ben Askren vs Jake Paul


It was confirmed in January that the next fight YouTube personality Jake Paul will have, will be against ex UFC fighter Ben Askren.

The fight will take place on April 17th, and it will be an 8 round fight.

Ben Askren went viral a couple of times in his brief stint in the UFC career, and one of them was relevant to this fight. The first time of course was his brutal knockout to Jorge Masvidal to the flying knee in a whopping 5 seconds. The other time was his loss to Demian Maia when various compilation gifs of Askrens “boxing” made the rounds. I’m a huge Askren fan and I’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t exactly the most technical boxing in the world.

Askren made his name in the MMA world by being one of the most famous non-UFC fighters. He wracked up an 18-0 record before moving onto UFC where he went 1-2. His lone win was over Robbie Lawler.

Askren is more famous for his wrestling than his boxing and has never competed in any official boxing fights. Jake had an amateur fight where he beat Deji. He then turned professional defeating Gib and Nate Robinson, by TKO and KO respectively.

Where To Bet Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

The best sportsbook to bet Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is BetOnline.

Not just due to the odds but based on their history, they will have the biggest variety of prop bets tied to the fight.

BetOnline have been excellent in regards to setting up prop bets for these sort of fights to make it more fun. Especially in a fight like this where we have a decent heavy favourite. They know that people aren’t going to be able to bet too much on the fight due to that, so they will set up lots of prop bets in the weeks prior to the fight.

What Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Bets Are There?

As of this writing in late January there is just the lone bet which is who will win.

The odds for that are Askren +185, Paul -225.

There will no doubt be a variety of other prop bets closer to the event. For similar fights they have offered prop bets such as who will be the first to bleed, or if a particular fighter will be knocked down, or if it will go the distance.

I will update this when prop bets are available.

Common Askren vs Paul Betting Questions:

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Jake Paul beat Nate Robinson – does that mean he is legit?:


Look Jake has had a lot of training in boxing since the Paul brothers have got into this endeavour. But in that particular fight, Robinson was out there with his hands down practically the entire time. No technical ability and just trying to get the quick KO. He was picked apart. In saying that I think Jake handled that fight well mentally. Never got frustrated. Figured out how Nate was fighting and took advantage of it.

Does Ben Askren have much boxing experience?

I know Ben in the past has said he didn’t really focus too much on boxing in terms of MMA. No reason to when his wrestling was that good honestly. However he still would have did a hell of a lot of training regardless when it comes to boxing, and striking in general.

How to Bet Ben Askren vs Jake Paul

BetOnline: It’s located under the “Boxing” category. Prop bets may be there however they will more likely be added under “Boxing -> Boxing Props” when they are actually listed.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Betting Strategy:

Honestly a couple of months out – I’m not too sure at this point.

I’ve spent awhile reading up on it because I’m a geek like that and I am very conflicted.

To be honest to theorize on this one this far out would just be silly. I’ll update this article in late March / early April and give my thoughts then. Anything else would just be irresponsible.

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