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Where To Bet Jose Canseco vs Billy Football


This event has passed.

For anyone still googling it and asking who won Jose Canseco vs Billy Football?, the answer is that Billy Football won.

Billy won via TKO. In 10 seconds.

It was very pitiful. Jose immediately started holding onto his shoulder saying he had injured it and that was the fight.

For the record – the show other than the main event was actually a lot of fun. That main event just sucked sadly.

I’ll leave the entire article up for archival purposes.

Celebrity boxing is really bringing in the A-List stars. on Friday, February 5th we will see MLB legend Jose Canseco take on Billy Football, an infamous intern at Barstool Sports.

What a time to be alive.

This is actually the 13th Rough N’ Rowdy event and they are actually quite fun to be honest. Video quality is great and you get some real good laughs out of it too. It’s a hell of a lot of fun and you could do worse than cracking a few beers and watching this event. Seriously – the commentators are a blast and I find it a fair bit of fun.

The most notable fight on Rough N Rowdy 13 is Jose Canseco vs Billy Football and of course you can bet on it.

Where To Bet Jose Canseco vs Billy Football

You can bet Jose Canseco vs Billy Football at BetOnline.

Unfortunately as of this time, they do not have prop bets for the fight. However they are often pretty awesome with prop bets so hopefully closer to the show, they will have some props available for the Canseco vs Billy Football fight.

Jose goes into the fight as a favourite. Bet it at BetOnline who are seriously the best for “out there” bets. Their Super Bowl prop bets are nuts, and they cover so much stuff. Hot dog eating contests etc. Great sportsbook for lots of fun bets.

What Canseco vs Billy Football Bets Are There?

As of this writing, the only bet is on who will win the fight.

At BetOnline, Jose Canseco is a -300 favourite over Billy Football. Billy Football is +200.

This will not be the first celebrity boxing fight Canseco has had. He has a 2-1-1 record although we haven’t seen him box in almost a decade. Dude is still jacked as all hell though.

Bear in mind that Canseco is looking to win so he can take on Logan Paul. So he is going to be taking this pretty darn serious knowing there is some big money waiting.

Common Jose Canseco vs Billy Football Questions:

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How many rounds is the fight?:

There are 3 rounds.

Is it worth betting Billy Football?

Personally I’d say no. I know it’s tempting to bet the underdog in this sort of fight and man the dude was an athlete. But boxing is just not something you can walk into. Canseco will have at least some experience from previous years, and he has the size difference which is a big factor. Conditioning will not be a factor really considering it’s only 3 rounds.

I’m not saying Billy CAN’T win. I just don’t think he has had enough time to prepare for it etc. I just think you’d want a higher price odds wise to back him.

How to Bet Jose Canseco vs Billy Football

BetOnline: Go to the Boxing section and look for “Boxing Props”. Click that and you will see it listed there. You may have to scroll down a bit depending on when you are checking due to other fights planned before it.

Jose Canseco vs Billy Football Betting Strategy:

Place a bet on whoever the hell you want. Crack a few beers. Sit back on your couch. Enjoy the show. Then brag to your friends the next day that you made $20 on this fight. Or laugh with your friends that you lost $20 betting on an intern or a retired ball player. Either way just have fun and don’t forget the beers.

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