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Where To Bet Triller: Holyfield vs Belfort


Triller Fight Club has hit a few road bumps – including the main event having to get changed – but has its next show this Saturday, September 11th.

The headlining fight is Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort.

Holyfield is stepping in to replace Oscar de La Hoya. The co main event will feature Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz.

You can also listen to alternate commentary for the main event featuring former president Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. I am not making that up. It’s available on

Update: You can now bet on props involving Donald Trump on commentary. Props include what word he will say first: President +125, Rigged +150, Afghanistan +250, Biden +400, if he will be wearing a tie, who he predicts will win and much more. See them all at BetOnline under GAME PROPS, then BOXING.

More on that in a bit. First let’s cover where to bet this amazing event.

Where To Bet Triller: Holyfield vs Belfort:

The best online sportsbook to bet this monumental event is BetOnline.

They have betting odds up for both the main matches in Vitor Belfort vs Evander Holyfield and Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz.

While they don’t have any props yet for the show – there is a good chance they will. They have had a wide variety of prop bets for prior Triller events and celebrity boxing matches.

You can go under the boxing section of BetOnline to see the odds, and boxing props available.

What betting props are available for Holyfield vs Belfort?

As of this writing, the only bets available are on the two main matches, and it is the odds on who will win.

The co-main event has a very heavy favourite in Anderson Silva at -1000 and Tito Ortiz is +600.

In the main event, Evander Holyfield is a slight favourite at -120 over Vitor Belfort at -110.

Common Holyfield vs Belfort Questions:

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Why did Oscar De La Hoya pull out of the fight?:

Oscar De La Hoya pulled out of the fight after stating that he had COVID, and posted a video from a hospital room. Holyfield stepped in late notice. The fight was subsequently moved to Florida due to California refusing to sanction the match.

Is Donald Trump really providing commentary for the event?

Yes he is. are advertising it as Live Alternative Commentary. I believe it is just for Holyfield vs Belfort that he will be providing the commentary for.

How to Bet Holyfield vs Belfort

BetOnline: On the left is the section for boxing. Simply click on that and the fights will be listed along with all the other boxing fights. If props are listed they might be within the fight and you have to click on the link to expand it or they may ad a “Boxing Props” section.

Holyfield vs Belfort Betting Strategy:

Belfort has been training for this. Holyfield was given late notice etc. If this fight goes longer than a round or two, Holyfield I expect will gas strongly. I’ll be primarily betting for entertainment purposes, but I feel it makes sense to bet on Vitor Belfort.

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