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Where To Bet CM Punk vs Darby Allin


In this article I will be covering Where To Bet CM Punk vs Darby Allin.

This match will be the first time we have seen CM Punk wrestle in many years. It is taking place on Sunday, September 5th at AEW All Out.

Wrestling isn’t something available to bet at a lot of sportsbooks. Thankfully there are quite a few sportsbooks that consistently offer betting odds, including on CM Punk vs Darby Allin.

Where To Bet CM Punk vs Darby Allin

America: The only sportsbook to bet on CM Punk vs Darby Allin, along with AEW, for Americans is BetOnline.

Don’t worry that’s not a bad thing – BetOnline are a great online sportsbook when it comes to wrestling. They offer a wide variety of betting odds and futures. Previously you could bet on CM Punk’s First Opponent, and also Daniel Bryan’s First Opponent. Told y’all to bet on Darby to be his first opponent!

So for Americans it’s nice and easy – BetOnline is the place to go.

Everywhere Else: As of right now, the only sportsbook you can currently bet on Punk vs Darby is BetOnline. While they don’t have odds up yet, Mr Green should hopefully have odds soon.

They are a great choice as they often have various betting props available including bets on Dave Meltzer’s star rating for the match, over/under on minutes and much more. I will update this when they have their odds and props up for Punk vs Allin.

What CM Punk vs Darby Allin Betting Props Are There?

As of this writing the only thing you can bet on is the winner of the match. That’s available at BetOnline.

It’s likely a few days before the event there will be many more props including the star rating Dave Meltzer gives, finishing move props and much more.

I will update this when those props are released.

Common CM Punk vs Darby Allin Questions:

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What are the betting odds for CM Punk vs Darby Allin?:

When the odds opened, CM Punk was a -400 favourite with Darby at +250. CM Punk is now -500 and Darby is +300.

What are the other AEW All Out Odds?

Andrade is currently at -225 to defeat Pac. Pac is +160.

Kenny Omega is -600 to retain over Christian, who is a hefty underdog at +350.

Those are the only odds available currently.

How to Bet CM Punk vs Darby Allin

BetOnline: You can find the wrestling odds under “Other Sports”. Click that in the sidebar to expand, and you will see wrestling listed with the odds available. Click on the betting odds to add that bet to your betting slip on the side, then you simply click place bet.

Mr Green: When they have wrestling odds available they wll be in the sidebar. Usually under “WWE/Pro Wrestling”. You then click on each match and it will list the betting props available.

CM Punk vs Darby Allin Betting Strategy:

Personally the betting odds don’t really make it worth it for me for that match. I mean I just can’t see Punk losing so if you are happy to bet $500 to win $100, go for it. I’ll be looking elsewhere on the card, when other odds are out, prior to betting on the show though. As someone who tipped and bet Darby to be his first opponent – I’m good riding that +100 bet.

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