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Where To Bet On CM Punk’s First AEW Opponent


CM Punk signed with All Elite Wrestling, and one thing you can bet on is who his first opponent will be.

While All Elite Wrestling never made anything official, they threw enough hints that CM Punk would be showing up at the Chicago show on August 20th that everyone knew he was going to be there.

He debuted in the most perfect fashion, and actually set up his first match which was accepting the challenge of Darby Allin.

Darby had previously issued the challenge on AEW Dynamite to Punk.

Where To Bet CM Punk’s First Opponent

So unfortunately with CM Punk accepting the challenge of Darby Allin for AEW All Out, this bet is off the table now.

Prior to that you could bet it at BetOnline.

BetOnline have added a market on Where To Bet Daniel Bryan’s First AEW Opponent so you will be able to bet that instead.

You can also bet on AEW All Out, as well as all WWE and NXT events over at BetOnline.

CM Punk First AEW Opponent: Betting Odds

Initially, Darby Allin opened as joint favourite along with Daniel Bryan at +200 odds.

Darby quickly became favourite at +100 with Bryan at +200.

Next was Christian at about +300. Orange Cassidy was in the +600 range, with Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes next in line at about +700.

Then we had Jungle Boy at +900 and Sting at +1000.

Common CM Punk First Opponent Questions:

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Where Can I Bet on CM Punk vs Darby Allin?:

You can bet that match at BetOnline.

How to Bet on CM Punks First Opponent

Unfortunately the odds have been removed but you can go to BetOnline and in the sportsbook section, look for “Wrestling”. They have it under the “Other Sports” menu.

There you will see a list of all available wrestling bettings odds at this time.

CM Punk First Opponent Betting Strategy:

(This was written on August 1st)

Any bet other than Darby Allin would be just silly, based on who is on the list.

if MJF was on there, I might consider him. As he isn’t, when I look at the list the only logical bet is Darby Allin.

First of all – he literally issued a challenge to CM Punk on Dynamite. That isn’t just for fun. There is a reason for that.

Second if you think about it – he is the perfect opponent for Punk. He is a great worker, can make Punk look great, gets the ring rust off Punk etc. Absolutely perfect choice.

He’s also big enough that he can lose the match and not lose anything from it. I wouldn’t worry about the face vs face dynamic either. It’s easy enough to have a match like this with Punk winning, and then have Punk put him over after.

Basically – max bet on Darby Allin. No other choice on the list makes any sort of sense.

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