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Where To Bet Daniel Bryan’s First Opponent in AEW


With his WWE contract expired, there are strong rumours that Daniel Bryan, aka Bryan Danielson, has signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

There are no hints on TV in regard to that quite yet but it is expected he has signed a contract.

The rumour is that he will first appear at the New York show.

That event takes place on September 22nd, from Arthur Ashe Stadium and is an episode of AEW Dynamite.

The sportsbooks are already on top of it, offering the ability to bet on who his first opponent will be, much like they did with CM Punk.

Where To Bet on Daniel Bryan’s First AEW Opponent

The sportsbook currently offering odds on this betting prop is BetOnline.

They are the best online sportsbook when it comes to betting on wrestling. They offer up props, betting odds for all the WWE, AEW and NXT PPVs, and will often add wrestling betting odds and props simply based on user demand.

They currently offer the ability to bet on Daniel Bryan’s first opponent in AEW. So you can bet that at BetOnline.

What Daniel Bryan in AEW Bets Are There?

The only bet you can make in regard to Daniel Bryan in AEW is who his first opponent will be. All of the Daniel Bryan First AEW Opponent betting odds are below.

When the odds were first released, the favourite for that was CM Punk at +175 odds.

We then have a steep jump with Kenny Omega +450, Darby Allin +500 and Sting +500.

Further down we have MJF at +600, Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevera at +700, then Orange Cassidy and Cody Rhodes at +800 and +900, respectively.

Rounding out at +1000 is Lance Archer, Penta, Jungle Boy and Eddie Kingston. Finally we have Pac at +1200.

Common Daniel Bryan First AEW Opponent Questions:

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Can I bet on Daniel Bryan to win his first AEW match?:

Yes. When his opponent is announced, and the match is official, you will be able to bet it at BetOnline.

Why did the Daniel Bryan AEW Odds disappear?

You just have to keep checking. The sportsbook BetOnline sometimes remove the odds around TV shows or when they want to make adjustments etc. They did the same with the CM Punk Betting Prop.

How to Bet on Daniel Bryan’s First AEW Opponent

At BetOnline you just have to look under the “Other Sports” section. All of the wrestling betting odds are there and if the Bryan prop is available, it will be listed there. You click on who you think it will be to add it to your bet slip, then can place the bet.

Daniel Bryan First Opponent Betting Strategy:

It’s tough to say this early out (writing this on August 21st) but I was able to narrow a few down by process of elimination.

I think CM Punk would be a silly one – they want a fresh matchup, not something we have seen before. Due to rankings, he won’t get a shot against Kenny Omega. After fighting Punk I think Darby would be a bad choice. Sting makes no sense.

Right now I am looking at MJF, Penta or PAC. Jungle boy is a possibility as well although have to see if they end up winning the tag team title belts and if they start positioning him as a singles star more following that.

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