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Where To Bet The AWC Cups

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It’s a long road to the championships in any eSport and Warcraft isn’t any different. Getting to the top is never easy. Watching it can be so much fun though, which is what makes the Arena World Championship Cups so entertaining, following the stars through all the high and lows along the way. Here we’ll look at the Cups themselves and how they operate in the larger picture of the Championship, along with how you can effectively bet on them.

World of Warcraft is a brand that’s synonymous with online role-playing and battle arenas, pioneering the way since 2004 when it first made its mark on the internet. Managed by Blizzard, the game has a now near legendary status within its field, shaping the genre for many years to come. Moving into the world of eSports, The Arena World Championship has become a huge global event for many, with scores of professionals playing worldwide. Leading up to the Championship, which typically takes place at the Blizzard headquarters in California, there are numerous regional Cups paving the way.

Just who are the players though, who will make it through to the end, and who will be left at the wayside? We’ve got you covered here, as we’ll look at the different cups, what bets you can make, and how you can potentially make a profit.

Where To Bet The AWC Cups:


The Cups can vary depending on the region, as some tournaments will be more scarce than others, but Bovada should have you covered for most North American events, and a few others too.


Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook as they offer the best coverage when it comes to betting on Warcraft in Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Bet365 Sportsbook is again the ideal choice, with it providing the widest selection of betting choices in regards to the AWC Cups.

What is The AWC Cups?

Working regionally, the Arena Cups are essentially stepping stones for teams to progress through on their way to the Championship. Operating on a system of points, these are used to determine who will go through, bringing the players and teams on to an international platform. At the end of each season there’s the AWC Circuit, which determines who will go through to play internationally in the Championship.

Each of the cups has a prize-pool of approximately $10,000 USD, and there’s two seasons, with both the Spring and Summer. Here’s a general look at the Cups for both seasons overall, and how they operate in conjunction with the main Championship itself:

  • Set-Up: There are eight regional Cups in total, each of them taking place online, with the top eight teams going through to play in the AWC Circuit.
  • North America: With four championship Cups, this includes Australia and New Zealand, ANZ, and Latin America too.
  • Europe: This is largely focused on the EU, with another four AWC Cups being held online across the European continent.

Playing the BFA, or the Battle for Azeroth iteration of the game, teams are seeded into the AWC Circuit following the cups. Who will rise victorious though, and who will be left behind, which we’ll now examine in closer detail, seeing what the winning signs to look for are?

Common AWC Cups Questions:

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Which teams should I watch out for here?:

Typically made up of four players, you need to pay attention to the teams that have a solid history in the event first and foremost. Following this it’s also a case of how they interact with one another, as they need to be closely knit in order to take on each event. Other factors, such as the debuffs a player uses, are also important to pay close attention to, as these can clash with the other teams. Make sure to watch older games online, looking at the playing styles, and how each team member handles the terrain, seeing who is stronger, and who is the weak link.

How can I watch this?:

Being the big-named event it is, this is a pretty easy tournament to follow online, as you can keep up-to-date with it every step of the way. Twitch and YouTube have options when looking to watch a match, along with being openly available with official information too. Just head on over to the ‘World of Warcraft’ channel on Twitch, and you should find many of the games freely live-streamed. There’s also the official ‘World of Warcraft’ channel on YouTube, playing a lot of replays from past games and events, allowing you to catch-up.

How to Bet AWC Cups:


First you want to head over to the ‘Sports’ section, and then the ‘Esports’ section after this, which is on the navigation bar below. You then want the ‘All Esports’ drop down, which will bring up ‘Other eSports’ underneath, giving you ‘WoW’, allowing you to go through to the ‘All WoW’ section. You’ll be given individual regional cups to choose from, but many are labelled ‘Arena’, letting you choose the ones you want, opening up whichever upcoming matches you’re looking for.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page you’ll find ‘Esports’, which is listed just underneath ‘Darts’, bringing up all the eSports down the middle of the page. With them all listed alphabetically, you need to go some way down near the bottom to find ‘WOW’, and it’s here you’ll find the events broken up into separate regional cups. Beneath each one there’s the related betting markets, which you can open up, taking you through to where you can create your betting coupon.

AWC Cups Betting Strategy:

At this level you need to make sure you know the player line-ups themselves, as many of the more dominant teams will be yet to make their mark here. Gaining momentum as the competition progresses, you can see the signs, as the odds aren’t so set in stone at this stage. Watch some individual streams of the players, seeing how they fare in-game, and what strategies they employ.
At its heart WoW is a team game when it comes to eSports, so it’s important to know what everyone’s bringing to the table. Get a head start by checking out what everyone has to offer alongside their respective odds, and this should give you some idea of what to expect in the forthcoming games.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.