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Where To Bet The FIFA FUT Cup Online

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Becoming almost as large as real-world Soccer itself, FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is one of the most popular modes in FIFA gaming today. With scores of players competing against one another worldwide, FIFA as a video-game has been hugely influential in shaping the world of Soccer eSports. With this success comes a number of winners, and this is where you can place your money down, hopefully scoring yourself a payout, as we shall now break down further.

Organized and run by the developers themselves, the FIFA FUT Cup is an international event run annually by Electronic Arts, bringing together the best that the eSport has to offer internationally. Mostly played on the Playstation 4 console platform, the FUT Champions Cup is highly sought after throughout the gaming community. Taking place offline, the final contestants play in front of a live audience, as the event itself is live-streamed online worldwide. With thirty-two players participating, it’s an extremely contested tournament, with players and teams facing off against one another in order to reach the grand finals.

Earning points online, the talent pool is huge for this particular event, meaning there’s a lot of competition to choose from. How do you make your choice when betting though, and where do you turn when looking to successfully pick a winner?

Where To Bet The FIFA FUT Cup:

America: When available, Bovada should be your first option when it comes to betting on all FIFA matches and events, although what’s open will depend upon when you’re logging in.

Canada: Here you will be best served through the Bet365 Sportsbook sportsbook, with its coverage of FIFA games, as and when bets become available.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook is your best choice, as it provides international FIFA betting for all those outside North America and Canada.

What is FIFA FUT Cup?

Taking place in real-time, the event itself is held offline in a predetermined venue, usually running during the middle of January over a couple of days. Managed by EA Sports and ELEAGUE, it’s live-streamed online, giving players the chance from all over to keep up-to-date with it. Using both the Playstation 4 and Xbox, it last used the FIFA 20 iteration of the game, which will change with each successive year.

With a prize-pool currently standing at $600,000, this will also continue to grow, as the event builds and evolves. This is how the event itself is formatted overall:

  • Group Stage: With sixty-four players divided into two groups, the Swiss System Format is used as everyone plays each other just once, and the top sixteen move on to the playoffs.
  • Knockout Stage: It’s a best of two series using the single elimination bracket, as the final two players make it into the finals.
  • Finals: The final players showdown against one another for the cup.

This also sees players go through a number of different stages in order to make it to the final rounds of the cup. Where do you keep an eye out for who will make it through though, and what are the signs of a winner in FIFA?

Common FIFA FUT Cup Betting Questions:

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What bets are there and who should I look for?:

The bets themselves largely tend to focus on the overall winners, with the games opting for more of a sense of realism. This means that there aren’t so many prop bets, but you can find some traditional Soccer wagers, allowing you to spread your odds out. As for the players themselves you should look for people who have a good grasp of the field, managing their team effectively across the pitch. Whilst many of the elements of Soccer are in play here, it’s all down to that one player behind the controller, and how they handle themselves under pressure.

Where are these games shown?:

Best for watching the games, as usual, is Twitch, with the EA Sports FIFA, and the ELEAGUE channels often showing each others games. There’s the EA Sports FIFA channel on YouTube too, providing older games and highlights for you to catch-up on, along with news of forthcoming events. The EA FIFA page over on Facebook also has a lot of action going on, with videos and games being played, including up-to-date information as well. Not forgetting Twitter either, @easportsfifa is an ideal place for quick information on the event, along with snippets of games and important updates.

How To Bet The FIFA FUT Cup:

Bovada: At the main page pick ‘Sports’ from the navigation bar at the top, before going on and selecting ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ from the next. This will give you ‘eSports in the drop-down, along with another drop-down menu labelled ‘All eSports’, and you should be able to find all upcoming FIFA related eSports events here. When you’ve got it available you can choose it, giving you all of the open bets down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Select ‘Sports’ at the top of the first page, then go on and choose ‘Esports’ on the next, with it being listed down the left-hand side. There will then be all the eSports rolling down the page center, along with the FIFA events among them. When available, you should be able to find the FUT Cup, opening up the subsection underneath, taking you through to all the specific bets themselves.

FIFA FUT Cup Betting Strategy:

Differing from the real-time game of Soccer in many respects, this is essentially a game of team management by the players. You want to look at the strategies used by each of them, paying attention to any changes in their style of gameplay and how they conduct themselves on the pitch. It’s all one person’s vision, and it’s imperative you know where they’re coming from and how they approach the game.

Watching older games is a great place to start, along with analyzing the formations they use, which you can see through YouTube and on Twitch. Once you have the basics of who they are you should then be able to place a bet with far more potential for profit.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.