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Where To Bet Doubles Online


In sports betting, a double is one of the simplest bets you can make, although the name doesn’t quite make 100% sense.

A double is when you do bet on two different outcomes in sporting events, however both of them need to win for you to make a profit.

So that’s what a double is known as outside of North America. However in North America, you may hear of the bet called a “Double Result”. This is a different thing entirely. This is where you are betting on the first half and second half of a particular game. For example you bet the Patriots to win the first half and also win the game. That’s a double result bet and that is different than what we are talking about here.

Now the “double” bet is a very simple one that you can place at any sportsbook. However there are some online sportsbooks that quite simply are better than others to bet on. The reason for that is because they often give better odds than other sportsbooks. It’s not going to be much – but it adds up.

As an example, I ran a double bet at one sportsbook that gave me 2.02 odds. I ran the same odds at a different sportsbook and got 1.99 odds. So the profit is $99 compared to $102 if you bet $100. However that $3 adds up. If you win just 100 double bets over the course of a season, that’s $300 extra that you would be missing out on.

So with that, let’s talk about the best places to bet doubles and accumulators or parlays in general. What I have did is out of the online sportsbooks that I trust, went through them all to determine which ones consistently offer the best odds on doubles:

Where To Bet Doubles Online

America: The best online sportsbook for betting doubles is Bovada for Americans. The reason for this is that their betting odds are better the majority of the time, and therefore you will get better double odds. Their interface makes it fairly easy to bet doubles as well and they offer a good variety of bets.

Everywhere Else: The best option for all parlays depending on the sport is Bet365 Sportsbook. The reason is they offer a special parlay bonus for 2 or more selections which of course will include doubles. They offer a better percentage of odds depending on the amount of selections you have. A double earns a 5% bonus on the current odds while a 6-fold accumulator would earn you a 25% bonus etc.

What is a Doubles Bet?

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So while it is called a doubles bet, the name is a bit ambiguous. What it means is that you are taking two singles bets, and combining them into one bet where both outcomes need to occur for you to win the bet. Therefore two singles bets = 1 double bet when combined.

However the odds don’t “double”. For example if you combine the bets of one team to win at 1.40 odds and another team to win at 1.44 odds, the combined odds for that is 1.84. If we “doubled” the return, the odds would be 2.68. However that’s not the case. Instead you get enhanced odds of 2.02.

So what that means is if you bet $100 on Team A to win as a standalone or single bet at 1.40 odds, you would profit $40.

Then if you bet $100 on Team B to win as a standalone or single bet at 1.44 odds, you would profit $44.

However if you bet BOTH Team A and B to win, combining them as a double, and both win, you would profit $102. As you are taking added risk needing both bets to come in, you would profit more.

Common Doubles Bet Questions:

What is an American doubles result bet called outside of North America?

It is known as the rather rudimentary HT/FT bet, or in long form, a half time / full time bet.

Is there a doubles bet calculator?

The odds of doubles bets can vary based on the sportsbook as mentioned above. However using a doubles bet calculator is a smart move to make sure you are getting close to the standard odds for a double bet. I personally use the doubles betting calculator over at

What is a doubles bet in English football?

Two bets that rely on both winning to win the bet. So you would combine Man Utd winning and Liverpool winning into one “doubles” bet. If both teams win, then you have won the bet.

How to Bet Doubles Online

Bovada: After logging in, on the menu you will see a variety of different bets. Click the games that you wish to bet on to add them to your ticket. From your ticket on the right hand side, you will be able to see your games and then make a double from there.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Simply select the bets you wish to make into a doubles and they’ll be added to your bet slip. They will be added as two singles however below that will be the option for “Double” or “2 Team Parlay” depending on your country. That’s where you would put the amount you wish to bet in.

Doubles Betting Strategy:

Generally when betting doubles, the common betting strategy is to bet on two outcomes you are very confident in, but where the odds don’t really make it worth betting.

Those bets where $100 will only return $30 for example – they aren’t really worth it. It’s a big risk even if you are confident. However you can combine them into one bet of $100 and get a return of $69 or $70. That’s a lot better.

So when betting doubles, look for those bets you feel very confident about and use them to get a better return.

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