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Where To Bet AOV Star League

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Where To Bet AOV Star League

Every battle arena game needs a good battle arena to play in, and the Star League is just that when it comes to Arena of Valor. With its 5v5 action gameplay, AOV is the international version of Kings of Glory, which itself is based on the fast paced thrills of League of Legends. The Star League is a celebration of this, taking place in Indonesia, as we shall now see here, along with looking at how you can place more productive and worthwhile bets.

Organized by the Indonesian division of Garena, this is a huge event, with many players coming together to participate in real-time. Set at the second tier and taking place earlier on in the year annually, this makes it one of the biggest eSports leagues currently focusing on the game. It’s also run by the ASL, meaning that there’s a lot of effort going in to maintaining a professional level of the highest standard when it comes to the competition. Because of this the players themselves are extremely talented, with many of them going on to play in the World Championships.

With so much riding on it, this is definitely a competition quite unlike any other when it comes to Arena of Valor. What should you look for in the Star League though, and how can you potentially make your money go even further?

Where To Bet AOV Star League:


Bovada is your best bet in North America when it comes to AOV, but you’ll need to time it right, as it’s subject to availability, with its counterpart KOG being more prominent in the US.


Here you want Bet365 Sportsbook, with its coverage of most AOV matches and bets across the entirety of Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Once again you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it offers international betting on Arena of Valor, along with the Star League.

What is AOV Star League?

Taking place both online and off, this real-time live event is normally hosted in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Running between the months of May and June, it sees many players competing online for a place in the finals, depending on when and where they’re happening. Sponsored by Garena Indonesia and managed by the ASL, it’s a huge tournament with a number of big name eSports teams participating.

There’s a prize-pool of 1,000,000,000 IDR, which stands at around $73,330 USD, with seven teams taking part. Here’s a general layout of the event itself, and how it’s expected to progress over its entire duration:

  • League Stages: Using a double round-robin with best-of-three matches, the top four teams progress to the playoffs, with a head-to-head and game difference being used as tiebreaker.
  • Playoffs: Best-of-three matches are used, with it being single elimination and presented at a live venue.
  • Winners and Results: The final match is best-of-five, and the winner can qualify for the AOV World Championship.

This is how the event itself usually takes place, and there’s clearly a lot at stake here, with everything to gain. Who are most likely to be the winners though, and who could potentially pull off some last minute surprises against the odds?

Common AOV Star League Questions:

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Which teams are the most promising?:

At this level many of the professional teams have already made a strong name for themselves, although there will be some room for a few surprises. Looking for any newcomers, you can find those with lower odds who have yet to prove themselves on a national stage. Watch some Twitch streams of the individual players, paying close attention to the line-up, seeing what sort of talent is on offer. This will then allow you to compare the styles and tactics being used with that of the larger, more well established AOV teams.

Where can I see the games?:

Usually the best place to watch any Arena of Valor games is through Twitch, with many of the games being streamed live there. YouTube also has live-streams available, although this is more geared towards archiving older games, allowing you to catch-up more easily. Garena has channels on both of these platforms, with ‘Garena AOV PH, MY & SG’ showing on YouTube, and ‘GarenaTW’ being available on Twitch. Whilst many of the games will be freely available, only a few may be running with English commentary over them.

How to Bet AOV Star League:


First you need to head to the ‘Sports’ section from the top of the main landing page, before going on to use ‘Esports’ down below on the next. This will give you the ‘All Esports’ drop-down menu, and from here you want to select ‘Other Esports’, then ‘Arena of Valor’ when available. If the ‘Star League’ is open you can select it, bringing up all the matches down the middle of the page, with their odds beside them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page is ‘Esports’, and, opening this, you should find all the eSports and events listed alphabetically down the page. When ‘AOV’ games and events are open, they’ll be listed near the top, and this is where you should be able to find the ‘Star League’. Underneath each listing you should find the various bets themselves, which will take you through to the relevant sections for creating your betting slip.

AOV Star League Betting Strategy:

Each team is the sum of all its parts, as every member is essential to the outcome of the game, so any weak links can’t be overlooked. Fast paced, it’s similar to League of Legends in its format, but the matches are far faster, with players constantly needing to think quickly on their feet. You also need to keep up-to-date at all times as to any game changes, such as patch updates, as these can also make or break a game.

Watch older games and streams from each of the team players, looking at how their gameplay stacks up against their projected odds. Once you have a clearer idea, you should then be able to place bets down on the AOV Star League with far greater ease.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.