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Where To Bet PUBG Continental Series

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Where To Bet PUBG Continental Series

The PUBG Continental Series, or PCS, is an online multi-regional event, as different regions compete in order to battle on a global stage. Originally this would be the PUBG Global Series, but would soon make way for the PCS instead, bringing a lot of talent on to the worldwide stage. How do you best identify this talent when betting though, and where do you begin when looking to put down any kind of money?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a huge online eSport, which began in 2016 using the Battle Royale multiplayer gameplay format. Free-to-play, anyone can take part, and it’s into this that the PCS event enters, incorporating a huge range of talent, with teams of four fighting for the top place. Opening the PCS is the Charity Showdown, and the event itself is run by the game’s developers the PUBG Corp, with the series consisting of three events in total. These largely happen during the Summer season, and also take place solely online, viewable internationally to watch yourself.

This means you can easily keep up with the games, betting on teams and following any wagers you may have made. What should you look for in a winning team then, and who are the players to watch in any upcoming season of the series?

Where To Bet PUBG Continental Series:


When it comes to everything PUBG betting related, then you can’t go wrong with Bovada, as it offers most events, being available across North America.


In Canada Bet365 Sportsbook is the best choice going, providing you with a range of different betting options.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook again, as it offers the most bets for PUBG at any given time.

What is PUBG Continental Series?

Four regions will be taking part, with Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, which is Oceania and Southeast Asia, and Asia itself, consisting of China, Chinese Tapei, Japan, and Korea. Taking place entirely online, the PUBG Corporation manages it itself, running it primarily on the PC gaming platform. It’s a premier tier event, with it being a huge professional showcase for the battle royale game, featuring teams of four competing from all over.

A prize-pool of $2,400,000 will be spread out across all events and regions, along with $200,000 for the charities in the charity showdown. This is how the event itself currently stands, with them looking to evolve and update it as time goes on:

  • Months: Running across three months in total, there will be three events, being May, June and August.
  • Format: Each month will consist of sixteen teams taking part, with it all taking place online throughout the many continents.
  • Charity Showdown: For the first month a bonus of $100,000 will be donated to the team’s choice of charity.

All of this paves the way for an exciting and thrilling competition of PUBG, with players from across the continents mentioned participating. Where does your wager come in though, and how can you find the winning team for a far more effective bet?

Common PUBG Continental Series Questions:

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What teams and players should I keep an eye on?:

In a sprawling game such as PUBG you need to look for the experienced players, as it’s important to find someone who really knows the world inside out. Staying power is everything in this game, especially when it’s a case of last player standing, as you’re looking for resilience. It’s a good idea to get to grips with the game yourself too, which you can do free-to-play on mobile, but it’s better to do this through your computer, although you will need to pay here. Watch older games and see how other players handle themselves once you know a few tricks yourself, and keep an eye on team effort too, as this can sometimes be overlooked.

Where can I see this online?:

The best place to start is on Twitch, as there are plenty of channels dedicated solely to playing PUBG games live there. YouTube also provides a lot of older archived match replays, so you can easily catch-up on any games you might have missed. Individual streams are also available depending on the event, with many of the participating teams broadcasting their games. Follow the players on social-media and you should get a clearer idea of who is playing and when, and this will point you in the right direction.

How to Bet PUBG Continental Series:


From the top of the landing page there’s ‘Sports’, under which you’ll then see ‘eSports’ listed, taking you through to a menu titled ‘All Esports’. ‘PUBG’ itself can sometimes be listed through ‘International’, or given its own section, all depending on what the availability is there at that time. Opening it up you should then get all the games from the events listed down the middle of the page, with the bets below, along with the ‘Game Lines’ and ‘Futures’ forecasts above.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page you’ll find ‘Esports’, which will then provide you with all of the eSports themselves listed alphabetically down the page. Lower down near the bottom is the ‘PUBG’ listings, and it’s here you’ll find all the available events for the game. Underneath each event you’ll be able to open out the relevant subsection, with ‘Match Markets’, ‘Matches’, and ‘Tournament Betting’, giving you the links for the separate bets, allowing you to create your coupon.

PUBG Continental Series Betting Strategy:

Despite the sprawling nature of PlayerUnknown, with its large and expansive arena, it’s still important to never forget that it’s a team based game at heart. Some players will definitely excel, but how the players work together is instrumental in the outcome of any game. You need to make yourself familiar with all the tactics used and the strategies that can potentially be employed over the course of a game.

Some players, for example, choose to head straight in to battle, whilst others hold back stocking up, and these styles can clash when it comes to a big match. Research the teams and you should end up with everything you need for placing a far more informed and productive bet.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.