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Where To Bet Street Fighter V Capcom Cup

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The name of Capcom is synonymous with legendary video-games, especially when it comes to the Street Fighter franchise. Celebrating this, the Capcom Cup brings the game to the world stage, hosting a tournament for the classic fighter, with the Street Fighter V Capcom Cup being at the forefront of eSports’ fighters. Now we’ll break it down in greater detail, looking at what the event entails, and how you can effectively place more profitable bets.

Set-up back in 2013, the tournament was initially founded in the United States, as it would grow to focus on Street Fighter. Over the years Capcom would release different versions of the game, having started with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Leading up to the tournament is the Capcom Pro Tour, with the finals taking place offline live in real-time before an audience. Broadcast around the world, it’s organized by Capcom themselves, with them having also developed the title too.

Drawing in fans and players from around the world, the Capcom Cup always promises to be a huge event filled with talent. What exactly is it though, and how can you successfully predict a winner when putting down money on any of the star fighters?

Where To Bet Street Fighter V Capcom Cup:


In North America Bovada is the best choice when it comes to casting bets on the Capcom Cup and fighting games in general.


Using Bet365 Sportsbook is your best bet when it comes to betting on the eSport in Canada, as it provides the most when it comes to Street Fighter V.

Everywhere Else:

Here you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook once again, as it offers a range of Street Fighter V bets internationally.

What is Street Fighter V Capcom Cup?

Running since 2013, the Capcom Cup would start with Street Fighter IV, which itself was released in 2008, with a few years behind it already. Later the fifth title in the franchise would come out, with it being released in 2016, taking the series forwards, as the Cup would fast incorporate it into its schedule. Part of the Capcom Pro Tour, the Cup is the culmination of it all, as the finalists are gathered in Los Angeles, California, for the big showdown.

Taking place during the middle of December and lasting for just a few days, the prize-pool currently stands at just under $380,000 USD. This is how the competition itself is currently managed, as the players battle their way through to the final rounds:

  • Set-Up: Along with the previous year’s winner, 26 players are brought in from the Global Rankings, including regionals and the last chance qualifier winners, making it 32 players.
  • Group Stages: Using a double-elimination bracket, players are seeded through into the finals.
  • Finals: The final two players face off against one another, competing for the grand prize money.

Using the Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V, the competition becomes particularly fierce, with a lot riding on the event. How do you spot the winners from the losers then, picking out who will make it through, and who will be left behind?

Common Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Questions:

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Who are the players to watch out for?:

Street Fighter is a game that’s entirely down to the individual, resting solely them, and everyone will have their own distinct approach. Many make the mistake of thinking it’s simply a game of attacking mercilessly with limited strategy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A player needs to think several moves in advance if they want to keep ahead of the opposition, manoeuvring them into a corner. First take a look across the projected odds seeing which are the most appealing, then watching their previous games seeing how they resource themselves over the course of a fight.

Where can I view the matches?:

There’s plenty of outlets showing the games, with official outlets from Capcom themselves broadcasting free online. Heading over to Twitch you can find the CapcomFighters channel, with an archive of clips and highlights available, along with live-streams of the games. Under the same name over on YouTube, you can catch up on full replays, with a host of past matches and events from the Cup. You can also check out as this should provide you with most of what you need in regards to rosters and schedules.

How to Bet Street Fighter V Capcom Cup:


Firstly you’ll want the ‘Sports’ tab from the top of the page, before moving on to select ‘Esports’ from the middle of page on the next. Then it’s ‘All Esports’ bringing up the roll-down menu, before going on and choosing ‘Street Fighter V’ from near the bottom, although sometimes it’s under ‘Other eSports’. Now you can select the ‘Capcom Cup’ when available, bringing up all the upcoming matches down the middle of the page, with their odds beside them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Down the left side of the page you can find ‘Esports’, which will bring up all the forthcoming events down the center of the page. Listed alphabetically, you can find ‘Street Fighter V – Capcom Cup’ listed near towards the bottom, when it’s open. Here you can open up the various different betting markets, taking you through to the relevant sections to create your betting coupons.

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Betting Strategy:

Identifying the different strengths and weaknesses of the players is key here, as you pick out their core strategies. Given that this is the Cup, with various regionals and qualifying stages playing beforehand, there’s plenty of material to work from. Watching older games, you should be able to see which styles clash, such as who plays aggressively and who plays defensive.

If a player is dominating early on and shows no signs of stopping, then obviously they’ll be the main one to watch, but there are props and handicaps to help even out the odds. Once you’re more aware of exactly who is bringing what to the games, then you should be able to place down a bet with more profit potential.

Street Fighter Tournament Betting Guide

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.