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Where To Bet Starcraft: Broodwar

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Seen as one of the pioneering games in the world of eSports, the original Starcraft Broodwar expansion pack really changed the way people thought about professional gaming. Still running strong to this day, the Broodwar eSports scene continues to attract a huge audience, thriving in South Korea. In this article we’ll break down what this means, and how you can effectively make the most of it when looking to place a bet.

First released back in 1998 for Microsoft Windows, Broodwar would provide an expansion to Starcraft, which had itself been released earlier that year. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it would build upon what came before, providing new units and squadrons, and pushing the game forwards. One of the most notable developments though, would be that of the competitive gaming scene surrounding it, which was forming the seeds of what is now known as eSports today. Recently it was remastered along with Starcraft back in 2017, honouring the franchise and its roots, bringing its gaming scene into the modern era. Many dispute as to whether or not the original Starcraft is the more difficult to master of the series, with it having a far higher skill-ceiling, offering more room to progress.

This means that there’s a high degree of professionalism when it comes to the game itself, with players continually looking to rise through the ranks. How do you best spot those who will make it then, identifying the winners in the world of professional Starcraft: Broodwar eSports?

Where To Bet Starcraft: Broodwar:

For all bets on Starcraft: Broodwar, you’ll be best served through Bovada, as it has the most comprehensive betting coverage of the franchise.

What is Starcraft: Broodwar?

The Starcraft franchise is well known and highly regarded for popularising the real-time strategy genre, with its fast paced RTS action. Using both skill and dexterity, moves are made lighting fast in an instant, with countless tactical decisions being processed by players within seconds. With two players facing off against one another, they must use their armies to gather resources, whilst simultaneously destroying their opponents forces. What the Broodwar expansion pack would do would be to build upon what came before, increasing the competitive nature of the game, especially in South Korea where its popularity would really take hold.

It was in 2002 that players first began to organize themselves into professional teams, leading to over $4,000,000 USD being awarded. Here’s a general look at how Broodwar stacks up against the other additions to the Starcraft franchise overall:

  • Starcraft: Introducing the world of Starcraft for the first time, this would provide the basis of what was to come back in 1998 on the 31st of March.
  • Broodwar: Also released in 1998 on the 18th of December, Broodwar would bring in new characters and units, with many regarding it as an entirely new game, and not just an add-on.
  • Starcraft Remastered: Coming out in 2017, this gave Starcraft and Broodwar not just ultra-HD graphics and re-recorded audio, but extensive play-testing from eSports professionals.

Many players have their own preferred Starcraft races, sticking with them for the duration of many of the games. What does the game itself look like in the world of eSports though, and how do you make the most of your money when looking to place a bet?

Common Starcraft: Broodwar Questions:

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How does Broodwar fare outside of South Korea?:

One factor that’s become highly noticeable with this particular addition to Starcraft is its enormous level of popularity throughout South Korea. There has been a number of attempts to grow Broodwar’s audience outside of South Korea, with English commentary being provided for the games. This has evolved over time, with a small, but dedicated community building around it, as players and fans provide their own commentaries online. Due to its highly dedicated fanbase, players really analyse the game in extremely specific detail, making for some highly competitive gameplay. This has also led to it becoming a prominent part of the World Cyber Games international eSports tournament, with South Koreans bringing it onto the world stage.

How has Broodwar remained so strong as an eSport?:

In the past Blizzard attempted to phase out the game with the newly updated Starcraft II, but Broodwar had a real staying power. Whilst pushing to supplant the game back in 2012, it would hold on as a popular eSport with professionals on the amateur scene. With its popularity refusing to die off, it would eventually begin to return in 2014, with professional competitions surrounding the game beginning to make a comeback. Many have argued that, whilst later editions of Starcraft are hugely successful and popular, Broodwar continues thanks in part to its difficulty levels allowing players to progress indefinitely. From this the game has managed to hold its status as being one of the most popular additions to the franchise, something which it continues to this day.

How to Bet Starcraft: Broodwar:


Finding the ‘Esports’ interface from the site, you can move down the left side under ‘All Games’, finding ‘Starcraft: Broodwar’. This will give you the upcoming matches down the page when available, where you can either make an outright bet on the overall outcome, or select it to find the more specific bets. From here you can then find all of the different props available, allowing you to tailor your bets to how you want them.

Starcraft: Broodwar Betting Strategy:

Understanding the general mechanics of Broodwar is important when putting down money, as it’s one of the more technical entries into the franchise. With the game being extremely fast too, you want to best ascertain how quick each player is as well, seeing how many actions per minute, or APM, they can perform. Watching the previous matches will help you here, and there’s plenty of these available online, along with paying attention to past rankings. It’s also important to pay attention to any key changes to the maps themselves, as any alterations to the terrains can really make all the difference.

New maps have shaken things up in the past, allowing different players to fully reach their potential and advance through the rankings. Once you have weighed up all the different options, along with all the many elements of the game, you should easily be able to make a far more informed and conscious decision.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.