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Where To Bet PUBG Global Championship

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As a veteran of the online Battle Royale genre, you really can’t go wrong with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when it comes to fast paced eSports action. Serving players from all over the world since 2016, PUBG would pioneer the genre, with it’s fun addictive gameplay, and the annual PUBG Global Championship has come to celebrate the best of this. Here we’ll take a closer look at the Global Championship, and how you can make the most effective use of your money when placing wagers.

First started in 2018 by the PUBG Corporation themselves, the Global Championship would come to exemplify the best that the eSport had to offer. Taking place at a professional level, it’s a premier event, with the finals themselves running offline and live-streamed in real-time. Throughout the tournament itself, approximately six matches take place every day, leading to it being an extremely busy event. Using the PC platform for the running of the gameplay itself, it typically sees around thirty-two teams taking part, although this may be subject to change.

There’s clearly a lot on offer here, with a huge amount of competition, and an equally large number of bets to be made. How do you best spot who will make it through though, and what should you look for when putting down money on a PUBG Championship game?

Where To Bet PUBG Global Championship:


Bovada is the best option when it comes to betting upon PUBG in North America, as they cover most events there.


For this you’ll want Bet365 Sportsbook, as it extensively covers everything PUBG betting related for the whole of Canada.

Everywhere Else:

Head on over to Bet365 Sportsbook again, with its betting coverage for most eSports across the world, along with all the PUBG events and tournaments.

What is PUBG Global Championship?

Finalizing the World Championship, the PUBG Global Championship sees players from all over the world compete for the grand prize. With four players in each team, there’s a lot to take in with approximately thirty-two teams in total attending the event. Taking place offline in real-time, the tournament is usually hosted in Los Angeles where it’s live-streamed from, as it usually happens during November on an annual basis.

The prize-pool stands at $4,000,000 USD, although this is subject to change as the event progresses, finding more and more talent and fans. Here’s a general layout of the tournament itself, following how it takes place over its entire duration, and what it generally looks like:

  • Group/Elimination Stages: Two groups of sixteen teams, the top eight advancing to semifinals, whilst the bottom play eliminations, with six matches each and the top eight advance.
  • Semifinals: Three groups of eight, as every group plays everyone else round-robin, as each team plays twelve matches in total, with the top sixteen advancing to the Grand Finals.
  • Grand Finals: With sixteen teams in the finals, there’s twelve matches in total, with six played a day over the course of two days.

Awarding around $2,000,000 to the final winners, whilst sharing the rest out accordingly, there’s definitely a lot of competition here. What should you look for when it comes to successfully predicting the winners though, and how can you place a more profitable bet?

Common PUBG Global Championship Questions:

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What kind of bets can I hope to find for the championship?:

To start with you should be able to find the ‘outrights’, which focus on the overall winners of each match, successfully predicting the final scores. Then there’s more specific bets centered around the maps themselves, with the map winner bet looking at each individual round. Betting on the team here, you can also put money down on who will gain the most kills over the course of any given match. Combining all of these together, you can effectively create a betting coupon far more tailored to you and your needs.

What is the best way to watch the games themselves?:

There’s a number of official outlets available to watch the PUBG Global Championship online, which are updated on a regular basis. On Twitch there’s the Battlegrounds live-stream with the ‘PUBG’ channel showing matches and events on a continual basis. You also have the ‘PUBG Esports’ channel on YouTube, which has a lot of the previous games archived, allowing you to easily catch-up. If you’re so inclined you could even watch the games live, but tickets go fast, so you definitely have to get in quick.

How to Bet PUBG Global Championship:


To begin with you want to choose ‘Sports’ from the first page, and then ”All Sports (A-Z)’ from the next, followed by ‘Esports’ from below. Then there’s the ‘All Esports’ drop-down menu, which you need to open up finding either ‘Futures’ or ‘Game Lines’, allowing you to select from ‘All Other Esports’ when available. The ‘Global Championship’ will be here then, bringing up the matches down the page, with all the bets, odds, and props inside each one.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

First you want to scroll down to ‘Esports’ on the left side, and then there’s ‘Match Lists’ near the top, and PUBG will be listed in ‘More Esports’ when available. Rolling down the page you should then be able to find ‘Global Championship’ beside PUBG when it’s open, with the upcoming matches underneath. You can then either select the winners to win outright from the odds, or click on the match itself, opening up the more specific bets, or ‘Match Markets’, down the page.

PUBG Global Championship Betting Strategy:

Games of PUBG tend to be extremely unpredictable, and it’s still early days yet for the eSport, but there are some tactics you can employ. A lot of the gameplay is about survival, as the player attempts to remain in the game, despite whatever, sometimes random, elements are thrown at them. You need to pay attention to the players with a lot of staying power, and who is able to effectively manage their time during each match.

Being aware of each and every factor that can determine the outcome of a game will help you to become more adept at betting. Following the maps used along with the players can help you, giving you all you need to know when making a more informed wager.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.