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Where To Bet Starcraft Starleague

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Hosted by SPOTV Games, the Starcraft Starleague is one of the largest of its kind for the eSport of real-time strategy game Starcraft II, with it taking place in South Korea, having been originally founded back in 2014. Working as a precursor to the Starcraft World Championship Series, the competition is extremely high, which means the stakes are equally high when it comes to betting as we’ll now go over here.

Run in tandem with the Global Starcraft II League, or GSL, that takes place annually, providing a lead-in to the Championship at BlizzCon in America, as the Starleague boasts some of the biggest talents in the eSport, with players coming from all across Asia to attend. Prior to this it was only the GSL that served Asia in this capacity, as this aimed to widen the pool of talent on offer from Asia. Sponsored by SBENU, which provides casual footwear, it has some massive names behind it, along with a large prize-pool too.

Giving you a look at what’s in store for the World Championship, this tournament is extremely important, which is what well go over now, along with how you can potentially profit from it when putting down money.

Where To Bet Starcraft Starleague:

America: When it comes to everything Starcraft and betting in North America you will want to head on over to Bovada. Providing the most choices with the best odds, it really is the leading sports-book in this area. Not only that, but it is also simple to use as well.

Everywhere Else: Internationally for all those worldwide, Bet365 Sportsbook is definitely the place to go for Starcraft, in particular the Starleague. This is due to its up-to-date listings of all the events surrounding the eSports, with the most competitive odds going. Plus it has an easy to use nicely designed interface too.

What is Starcraft Starleague Betting?

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Managed by SPOTV Games and live-streamed through their platform for a number of sports, the Starcraft Starleague, or SSL, is one of their most popular programs to date. Previously offering a prize-pool of 75,500,000 KRW, or approximately $66,600, the competition is extremely fierce. Usually taking place between June and September, it sees in players from all over Asia, with the contest itself being hosted in South Korea.

Also known as the S2SL, it is a huge event, and is constantly undergoing changes and shifts in order to keep up with the market. This is how the main event itself is currently formatted:

Premier: this is the main event, whereby 10 players compete in a large round robin, then the top four players go through to the playoffs, with the top two facing off in the finals.

Challenge: this is where the bottom 2 players of premier are relegated to, with fast lane competing too, with money awarded instead of a tournament placement.

Fast Lane: consisting of four groups, it is a two day event whereby the top two can advance to the premier, whilst the bottom two go on to compete in the challenge stage.

With a whole host of options for you to bet on, there’s plenty of opportunities to potentially turn a profit here. This we will now look at in greater detail, breaking down where you should put your money in regards to this event.

Common Starcraft Starleague Questions:

What sort of bets does the Starleague offer me?:

Working as a real-time strategy based game there’s plenty of different tactics that can be used, which, in turn, means plenty of different bets being offered. First you’ll want to take a look at the ‘matches’ bets, along with the ‘match lines’, combining the both of them in order to increase your odds. Next you’ll want to look into the smaller more niche bets, especially those regarding the prop based wagers, whereby you can pinpoint a more specific outcome. These will most typically concern themselves with the Starcraft maps that are put into play, which you can learn about before the event, looking into the differences between each one’s terrain.

Which players should I pay attention to?:

There will always be the new ‘up-and-coming’ players in the world of eSports, especially when it comes to Starcraft II, but it’s identifying the winners that’s the real trick. Given the online nature of the games though, this isn’t too difficult given that there are a multitude of different resources out there available for you. Whilst many of the live-streamed games are hosted in Asia, using services such as AfreecaTV and the SPOTV Games platforms, you should be able to find older games through YouTube and Twitch. This should then provide you with the background you need to see which players play in which manner in the game.

How to Bet on the Starcraft Starleague:

Bovada: Firstly you will be greeted by the ‘Sports’ tab above the landing page, which will next provide you with the ‘All Sports’ tab, followed by the ‘eSports’ option in the roll-down menu. After this go on and use the ‘All eSports’ roll-down menu on the next, along with the ‘Starcraft’ option here, which is sometimes listed as ‘Other eSports’. You should then find all the available events listed down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Selecting ‘English’ at the top of the first page, go on and choose ‘Esports’ from down the left side of the next. This will then provide you with an alphabetical listing of all the eSports down the middle of the page. Further down you should find Starcraft and the Starleague, along with the available bets underneath.

Starcraft Starleague Betting Strategy:

Whilst the sheer size of such an event can seem somewhat daunting at first it need not be when you have all the necessary information required. Working as a battle of wits, Starcraft can include a variety of different outcomes as a game, especially when there is so much going on at once. First of all though you should make sure to learn the game yourself, which you can easily do, given that it’s free to learn the basics, giving you a clear and coherent understanding of the gameplay itself. Then there’s the players themselves, and with so many new up-and-coming professionals making their name in the scene, you have plenty of choice on offer.

Get to learn the idiosyncrasies of each of them prior to the Starleague, which you can do by finding them on social-media and following their news-feeds. Not only will this provide you with the line-ups, but it will also allow you to know where their many strengths and weaknesses lie. Knowing each alien race within the game is also a key component of this, as certain styles and races clash, allowing for some quite surprising outcomes. The maps used is also important, so you will want a clear idea of the terrain of each of them, knowing exactly how each of them are laid out. With all of this you should be able to then make a far more informed choice when placing any kind of bet on the Starcraft Starleague.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.