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Where To Bet SCII Map Winner

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With players from all across the world coming together to celebrate Starcraft 2, Blizzard has enjoyed a huge amount of success from their largest eSports brand, with it being one of their oldest and most respected properties to date. Looking at the maps played upon and who will dominate them is also something that you can profit from, as we examine how to place a more worthwhile wager here.

Using a variety of different maps means that there’s plenty of opportunities to choose from when it comes to choosing which ones will win each of them. Picking the the right players and determining the terrains they’ll win can provide you with a winning bet, as certain Starcraft 2 stars handle particular maps better than others. Learning how to predict these is what will help determine the difference between winning and losing, so you’ll need to do some prior research before betting.

How do you go about this though, and what should you look for? This is what we’ll go over here now.

Where To Bet SCII Map Winner:

America: Depending on when you login, Bovada is the ideal sportsbook for everything Starcraft 2 related. Offering a wide range of different eSports bets, it provides the best coverage for the North American region. Simple to use, you can find the map winner bet quickly and easily.

Everywhere Else: For everyone internationally there is Bet365 Sportsbook, which is definitely the best sportsbook out there eSports wise. Not only can you bet on the Starcraft 2 map winner, but there’s a variety of other wagers too. Combining different props, you can use its betting slip system to tailor more favorable odds.

What is SCII Map Winner Betting?

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There can only be one winner from each game, and these will be played on pre-set maps, which you can find prior to the match. Many of them have their own names, such as ‘Year Zero’ and ‘New Repugnancy’, and you’ll find that they’re in constant rotation. Many of them are also relevant to different types of match too, with 1v1 matches, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, and they’re all laid out to fit the style of battle, whether it be co-operation, defensive, or two players simply battling it out against one another.

It is the terrain itself though, that can make or break a game of Starcraft 2. Here’s a brief layout of the particular map types:

  • Resource rich: these consist of a race to build the largest armies faster than the other players, as players use their surrounding environment to beat their opponent.
  • Open spaces: they leave a lot of room for large armies to directly engage one another, typically making the battle far more aggressive.
  • Confined spaces: forces will find themselves huddled together, as they must keep themselves protected from the opposing players armies.
  • Ground levelling: this can make all the difference when a player is protecting their forces/base, and when they’re attacking.

At the end of it all though, it will come down to the players and how they handle themselves in-game. What should you look for and how will you decide who has a better chance of winning their map?

Common SCII Map Winner Questions:

Which players are best for finding the SCII Map Winner?:

First and foremost it’s the players and their handling of specific maps that will determine the outcome of a game. This being a bet based on which individual player will win which maps, it’s paramount that you learn their skills and weaknesses inside out when it comes to dealing with certain terrains. You can get some indication of this by watching previous games, along with following Twitch streams if available. Whilst you may have a preferred player, it’s also important to not allow your own personal biases get in the way. Despite a player being largely successful overall, there will always be some weaknesses, and it’s essential that you aren’t blind-sided by these.

How do I find out more on the potential SCII Map Winner?:

Keep up-to-date at all times by following newsfeeds throughout social-media and forums, as this will enable you to keep ahead of the game. Factors you want to know about are any potential updates and patches being made to the maps, as these can make all the difference in any upcoming match. Knowing the players tactics is also important, as these can apply themselves far better to certain map types than others. This means keeping ahead of the curve, and analyzing their game, along with seeing which styles will clash.

How to Bet on the SCII Map Winner:

Bovada: ‘Sports’ is the option you want to pick from the first page, taking you to the next with ‘All Sports’. Using the roll-down menu at the top, you can then select ‘eSports’, followed by ‘All eSports’, and then ‘Starcraft 2’. You’ll now find all the Starcraft 2 events down the center, from which you can choose ‘map winner’ where available.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Choosing ‘English’ as your language, go on and pick ‘Esports’ down the left side of the next page. From there you’ll find all the eSports offered down the middle of the page. The Starcraft 2 events will be some way down, along with the ‘map winner’ bets where applicable.

SCII Map Winner Betting Strategy:

Start by watching every game your chosen player has previously played on that map. The player with a low winning streak overall is best, as this should then raise the odds when betting on a map they excel on. You can then combine this bet with others, creating better more favorable odds in the long-run. Research is paramount here, as knowing the ins and outs of all the Starcraft 2 terrains is key.

With plenty of options available for following your favored players, such as Twitch and social-media, you’ll have lots of opportunities to inform yourself on them and their playing style. This will then lead you to a more profitable and worthwhile wager.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.