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Where To Bet Starcraft II GSL

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The Starcraft franchise has endured over the years, becoming one of the largest forerunners of the eSports scene to date. With the game itself first coming out in 1998, it has seen a huge rise in popularity as an eSport over the years, with Blizzard leading the way. This has also lead to a huge number of betting opportunities, something which we’ll now look at in greater detail here.

The Global Starcraft 2 League, or GSL for short, has largely focused on South Korean talent, with it mostly taking place there. Pioneering the way for professional talent within the country, it has been instrumental in advancing the field. Typically broadcast two nights a week, Wednesday and Friday, it definitely manages to bring in the best talent that the eSport has to offer on a regular and ever consistent basis.

With so much talent on offer then, it stands to reason that there’s plenty of opportunities to place a wager. This is what we’ll look at here now then, discovering everything that the event has to offer when placing a bet.

Where to Bet on SCII GSL

America: With its own section dedicated to all things Starcraft, the site Bovada is one of the best sites out there when it comes to betting on the eSport. Covering North America, you should find everything that you need here, along with it offering the best odds. You will also find that site is really easy and simple to use.

Everywhere Else: Giving you the most options out there, the online sportsbook Bet365 Sportsbook really is the best choice for all those outside of North America. With great coverage internationally, their range of bets for the GSL and Starcraft 2 really excels. Not only that, but they’re also extremely versatile and easy to manage.

What is SCII GSL?

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Starting out in 2010, the GSL has gone on to become one of the largest Starcraft 2 eSports events in South Korea today. Taking place across the entire country, it’s broadcast on both AfreecaTV and GOMeXP, two of the regions own live-streaming services. Mainly promoted by GOMeXP as well, it largely covers most of the Starcraft 2 talent from across South Korea.

The tournament is broken up into two tiers, groups s and a, with group s being the lower tier, whereby everyone competes to make it back up to group a. Group a itself makes up the main tournament, which is formatted like this:

  • Dual Tournament – Round 32: split into groups of four players, as each of them are set to face off against one another in in a best-of-three, with the losers going to group s and the winners moving on.
  • Dual Tournament – Round 16: again a best-of-three, with the third and fourth players being moved down to group s.
  • Single Elimination Playoffs: round 8 is best-of-five, the semi-finals are best-of-seven, whilst the finals are also best-of-seven.

Within all of this then, it’s easy to see that there are plenty of opportunities to place a number of wagers. What do you need to know for this, and how can you stand to make the most profit?

Common SCII GSL League Betting Questions:

What kind of bets are being offered?

When betting on the GSL you’ll find that there’s a greater variety of bets on offer for each of the seasons. This is largely due to the sheer size of the event itself, allowing a lot of room for small props and specials. Whilst the larger bets focus more on ‘to win outright’, you also have ‘correct map score’ and specials such as determining the alien ‘race of the winner’, giving you more leeway over the bets you make. You should gain a general knowledge of these prior to placing any bet though, as these have a number of noticeable differences between them.

What do I need to know about the seasons?

The Global Starcraft League is split up into different seasons, which all take place throughout the year. With each season seeding players into the next, the league itself takes place on an annual basis, with the world championship making up the final stage. This gives the players a sense of progression to their general gameplay overall.

How To Bet On The SCII GSL

Bovada: At the top of the page you will first want to pick the ‘Sports’ tab, which will take you through to a listing of options down the left-hand side. Choosing the ‘E-Sports’ tab, you then need to use the ‘All E-Sports’ drop-down above, picking the ‘Starcraft’ option. This will then provide both Starcraft 2 leagues and tournaments, along with the original Starcraft and Brood War, down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Moving down the left side of the page, you should be able to find the ‘Esports’ tab, taking you through to the eSports section itself. With all the options rolling down the middle of the page, you should be able to find ‘SCII – GSL’ some way down, with the subsequent season besides it. You can then make your bet from the options underneath, creating the betting coupon you want.

SCII GSL Betting Strategy

As players face off against each other directly, it’s best to examine each of them individually, working out what they really have to offer. Try to break down how they typically play, getting an insight into their various styles and approaches to the game itself. You can do this by watching a number of older games through Twitch and YouTube, in order to get a better idea.

Knowing what terrains/maps will be played is also important, as this can definitely make or break a game too. Some players work well with some layouts better than others, and it’s best to make yourself aware of this prior to the match itself. With this you should gain a far more rounded understanding, ultimately giving you a far better game in the process.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.