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Where To Bet SSB Melee Genesis

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Where To Bet SSB Melee Genesis

The Genesis tournaments are an annual event whereby players from across the world come together to celebrate Super Smash Brothers. Taking place in San Francisco in the United States, it begun in 2009, and has gone on to become the world’s foremost Super Smash Brother’s competition. With the Melee version of SSB being around since 2001, this means that there’s a lot of finely honed talent on offer, with plenty of bets too, as we shall now see.

Showcasing Brawl, Melee, and Ultimate, the Genesis tournament features knock-outs using all three versions of the Super Smash Brothers series. A fighting game with many of the characters from Nintendo’s back-catalogue, it sees the likes of Super Mario, Kirby, and Link all fighting against one another. Melee would be one of the earlier titles in the franchise from 2001, and it’s still enjoyed to this day, with many players continuing to compete with it. It would also be the first title to be used in the Genesis tournament, alongside Brawl, making it the largest Melee competition in history up to that point.

Still running to this day, the Genesis tournaments are a regular event, still using the Melee version, with some strong contenders coming from all over. Where can you put your money down when betting though, and what should you look for when attempting to predict a winner?

Where To Bet SSB Melee Genesis:

America: Using Bovada in North America for all things Smash Brothers related is your best bet, although you’ll find the wagers only open close to the time of the event itself.

Canada: Here you want Bet365 Sportsbook when betting on Smash Brothers in Canada, with it’s wide coverage of most eSports events.

Everywhere Else: This again would be Bet365 Sportsbook, as it has all you need when it comes to betting on Smash Brothers Melee games at Genesis internationally.

What is SSB Melee Genesis?

Starting out on July the 10th back in 2009, the Genesis tournament would begin in Antioch, California, with the following tournament happening in 2011. Melee would be one of the first games present there, alongside Brawl, making it the largest Melee competition up to that point. Organized by Boback Vakili, along with many other prominent figures in the competitive Smash Bros. eSports community, it’s an event maintained by fans for fans.

With a prize-pool that currently boasts over $14,408 for Melee singles alone, and $4,760 for the doubles, the competition continues to grow with each passing year. This is what the competition itself currently looks like overall:

  • Singles: Through a series of knockout games, the competitors battle their way through each round to the finals.
  • Doubles: Similar to the singles, the doubles consist of teams of two players battling against one another, again making it through to the finals.
  • Final Winners: The prize money is shared out sufficiently between the ranked reigning champions in order of their position.

Played in a close-knit community consisting of fans of the game, there’s a lot of passion that’s built-up for Melee over the years. What does this mean to you when betting though, and what signs can you look for when aiming to make any kind of a wager?

Common SSB Melee Genesis Questions:

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What’s the difference between Melee and later versions of Smash Brothers?:

As opposed to the newer games in the Smash Bros. series, such as Ultimate, Melee has a more long-term following. While they may not be so large, they’re focused, with years of learning and honing their skills, making for a very different and interesting set of results. Many fans have their preferred version, from the use of the Gamecube controller over the wireless Switch joypad, to the range of characters and locations. Everyone has their own personal taste, and while Ultimate may have a larger online following and it being newer, Melee is still going strong to this day.

How can I see the matches?:

Many of the Genesis matches themselves are shown live in real-time over on Twitch, with the ‘btssmash’ channel live-streaming most of them there. Then there’s the ‘Beyond the Summit – Smash’ channel on YouTube, which has an archive of many of the games with commentary. Using the site you can also find all the up-to-date schedules of any upcoming events, along with links to previous games. Watching many of the interviews and features too, you should be able to gain some insight into the game itself, and how Melee operates apart from the rest.

How to Bet SSB Melee Genesis:

Bovada: Using ‘Sports’ right at the top of the first page you land on, go on and select ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ from down below on the next. Underneath this ‘eSports’ should come up in the second row down, taking you through to all the eSports themselves. In the roll-down menu titled ‘All eSports’ you should be able to open it up choosing ‘Futures’, and then ‘Other eSports’, which will allow you to pick ‘Smash’ if any events are underway/available, with Genesis there taking you through to the relevant section.

Bet365 Sportsbook: There’s the ‘Sports’ tab at the top of the landing page, followed by ‘Esports’ down the left-hand side, right below ‘Darts’. Moving down the middle of the page alphabetically, you should find the ‘SSB – Genesis’ events near the bottom, along with ‘Melee’ when available. Opening up the subsections under each event title, you are then be taken through to the relevant bets and odds, allowing you to create your betting coupon.

SSB Melee Genesis Betting Strategy:

One reason many players opt for the Melee instalment of the Smash franchise is that it’s definitely no button basher, with a very exact control system. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t move fast though, with players needing not only a high-degree of precision, but a quick response time too. With it being an old game though, the community that does follow it is an extremely dedicated one, maintaining a strong player-base that remains steadfast.

The one downside of it being an older game for the Gamecube, is that it can be difficult to follow for the more casual fans, given that it doesn’t have online support. You can still watch games and live-streams on Twitch though, so there is plenty of options when looking to place a bet on the player of your choice.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.