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Where To Bet Super Bowl LV Props


The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events of the year and it is also one of the most bet events of the year. Super Bowl LV should be no different and there are a huge amount of betting props available for the big game.

Some people like to keep it simple for the Super Bowl and bet things like winning margin and longest passing plays. While others like to get into the stats that the players put up, things like total yards for individual players, who will score a touchdown, or the amount of tackles by a specific player. Then there are the props that you only find at the Super Bowl, things like the length of the national anthem or color of the liquid poured on the winning coach. Super Bowl props are great for everyone as it doesn’t matter if you want to get deep into statistical analysis or bet on The Weeknd’s first song, there is a prop for you to bet on at Super Bowl time.

In this article, I am going to cover some of the Super Bowl LV Props that you can bet on as well as where to bet on them and how to find them. Let’s get into it.

However if you just want the biggest amount of “fun” prop bets, then go with BetOnline. Whether you are American, from the UK, Canadian etc – you can bet at BetOnline. Here’s a list of just SOME of the prop bets that BetOnline have going right now:

  • 1st song The Weeknd perform
  • Color of the Weeknds Jacket
  • Will The Weeknd Perform with Bandages on His Head
  • First Anheuser-Busch brand commercial to run
  • First interracial couple shown
  • How many commercials will have a dog on it
  • Which chip bag seen first in Frito-Lay commercial
  • Andy Reid Mask Design
  • What team Biden references first in CBS Interview
  • Clip of Jon Gruden to be shown?
  • Coach to have Nostrils seen first during game?
  • How many times Tony Romo mentions his kids?
  • How many times will the Patriots be mentioned?
  • How will Sarah Thomas wear her hair?
  • Will Jim Nantz mention Queen Latifiah?
  • Will Andy Reid say the word “Burger”
  • Will any player slap Sarah Thomas on the butt?
  • Miley Cyrus hair color
  • Will Miley show side boob

So bet all those at BetOnline.

Where To Bet Super Bowl LV Props:

America: Bovada has a huge selection of betting props, one of the largest online, and is a great place to bet on props for the big game. If you’d rather, BetOnline has a huge selection of props as well.

Canada: Canadians are lucky to have Sports Interaction for the Super Bowl as they have a ton of betting props for the game. You can bet everything from the amount of tackles for players to the longest rushing play of the game.

Everywhere Else: William Hill is one of the top betting sites around and they have plenty of unique props for the big game. One I noticed that I haven’t seen anywhere else is Chiefs To Win, Tom Brady Over 299 Passing Yards & Patrick Mahomes Over 299 Passing Yards at 3/1. Check them out for other unique plays like that.

What Super Bowl LV Props are there?

The amount of Super Bowl props for this years game is simply staggering. You have your game props, your player props, your specials, and everything in between. There are literally hundreds of options for this game and to list them all would be foolish.

We’ll start by taking a look at the team props. These are for the game and team props. These are for things that might happen in the game or for what will happen first. Here’s a preview of some of the best available.

Longest touchdown play O/U 47.5 yards: USA BetOnline | Non-USA Bet365 Sportsbook
Highest scoring quarter: USA Bovada | Non-USA 888
What Will The First Turnover Of The Game Be?: USA Bovada | Non-USA Everygame
First team to record a first down: USA Bovada | Non-USA
Winning margin: USA Bovada | Non-USA William Hill
Kansas City wins 1st half + game: USA | Non-USA Bet365 Sportsbook
Exact number of touchdowns for Kansas City: USA Bovada | Non-USA BetOnline
Exact number of touchdowns for Tampa Bay: USA Bovada | Non-USA BetOnline
Tampa Bay wins 1st half + game: USA | Non-USA Bet365 Sportsbook
Exact winning margin: USA Bovada | Non-USA Everygame
First coach’s challenge result: USA BetOnline | Non-USA 5Dimes
Last scoring play of the half: USA Bovada | Non-USA 5Dimes
Will either team score 3 unanswered times? USA BetOnline | Non-USA Bet365 Sportsbook

The individual player props are plentiful for the Super Bowl with a ton of great betting options for the stars of the game. Here’s a few of the best we’ve seen.

Player to score first touchdown: USA Everygame | Non-USA Sports Interaction
Player to score last touchdown: USA Everygame | Non-USA Sports Interaction
Player to score 3 or more touchdowns: USA Bovada | Non-USA William Hill
Super Bowl MVP: USA BetOnline | Canada Sports Interaction | Non-USA William Hill
What will be higher – Alexander Ovechkin Total Shots on Goal or Patrick Mahomes Touchdowns: USA BetOnline
Patrick Mahomes passing yards: USA Bovada | Non-USA 5Dimes
Tom Brady passing yards: USA Bovada | Non-USA 5Dimes

Then we have everyone’s favorite Super Bowl betting props: the props about everything but the game. From the coin flip to the halftime show to the commercials, these are a few of the props for you.

Coin Flip: USA BetOnline | Non-USA Bet365 Sportsbook
Team to win the coin flip: USA | Non-USA GT Bets
Will The Team That Wins The Coin Toss Win The Game?: USA Bovada | Non-USA GT Bets
How Long Will It Take Jazmine Sullivan Or Eric Church To Sing The US National Anthem?: USA Bovada
National Anthem – Who Will Be Shown First?: USA Bovada
The Weeknd 1st Song Performed at Halftime: USA BetOnline
First character to appear in DoorDash commercial: USA BetOnline
CBS Biden SB Interview props: USA BetOnline

How to Bet Super Bowl LV Props:

Bovada: Right at the top of the page there will be a link for “Football” with a picture of a football with it. Click that and it will take you to a list of upcoming games, including the Super Bowl. This part is a bit confusing as the props are all over the place. You can click on the game itself where it will say something like “+224 bets” and this will take you to the game props. You can also go to the dropdown menu where it says “All Football” and there will be a variety of different props to select from there.

Sports Interaction: Super Bowl props are easy to find here as you simply look on the left-hand list of sports on the main page of the site, click football, and then Super Bowl prop. The team props, game props, and other props are all in different sections.

William Hill: Find “American Football” from the list of sports on the right hand side and click it. This will bring up a list of games, click the area that says something like “+400 bets” and this will lead you to the page with all of the Super Bowl betting props.

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