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What Sports Can You Bet On in October


Many people think of October as a month filled with fall and Halloween, but it’s all about the sports for me. What sports play in October? All of them!

This is one of the few months of the year where all four major American sports are in play at the same time so that is always exciting. Plus, there is NASCAR, Formula One, PGA, LPGA, UFC, and much more. Honestly, October is one of the most stacked months for sports of the year. We should call it Sportstober as all of the sports are in play in October.

The biggest event of the month has to be the World Series. The baseball season is the longest of all the major sports and it finally comes to an end in October.

Of course, the NFL will take most of the headlines for the month. The biggest league in the world is in a key part of their schedule in October. Football fans will also have their Saturdays full with college football.

There will be plenty of action in the world of the rest of the world’s football (soccer) as well. This is the big chunk of the season so most of the soccer leagues around the world play in October, including the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS.

The month of October is one of the biggest for sports. Here is all the sports that are in play in October:

Baseball: It all comes down to this as the MLB Playoffs take place throughout October and there should be games nearly every day. The World Series always begins in October and will either end this month or in the early going of November.

International fans may also watch the culmination of the NPB season with the Climax Series.

Football: The NFL will be a quarter way through its season in October. We’ll usually see week 4 through 8 take place in October in the National Football League, with games on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays.

The college football season will also be in full swing with games each weekend, mostly on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. October is a great time to start watching as they are right in the heart of conference play with rivalry games all month long.

We will also see the final few weeks of the CFL, as the Canadian Football League wraps things up as it gets closer to the playoffs.

Soccer: The English Premier League will be in the first third of the season and typically plays each weekend of October.

Italian Series A is also in the early goings of their season and will have games taking place each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. You can also watch German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Scottish Premiership, Portugese Primeira, and France Ligue 1. While Americans may enjoy Major League Soccer.

Motor Sports: There will always be Formula One races in October with a typical schedule having between two and three Grand Prixs in the month. The season is reaching its final few races of the year so every win counts.

The world of NASCAR has their playoffs taking place throughout October with the Playoff Round of 8. They should have races each weekend as they race to the finish.

Basketball: The month of October means the debut of the new NBA season. The league typically loads up the schedule for the first night with some big match-ups between the league’s best teams. Once every team has their opening games it will be NBA games each night of the week.

Hockey: October also brings a brand new season of the NHL season with the league playing its first games in the final half of the month. The season starts off with some marquee match-ups and then we’ll have hockey games all throughout the week.

Golf: This month features some of the earliest events of the new PGA season as it typically begins in mid-September. The new LIV Golf league and DP World Tour will also have events during the month.

October also features the second to last month of the LPGA season and multiple Champions Tour events.

MMA: The MMA schedule is always in flux, but you can be pretty sure you will see at least one event each from UFC and Bellator, and probably more.

Pro-Wrestling: There will be live events each week from WWE and AEW, but only WWE runs a big pay-per-view level event in October.

eSports: eSports are busy year round, but October does feature some big events. The Halo World Championship, League of Legends World Championship, and The International.

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