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Where To Play Keno


Keno is one of those games that I always have to play when I’m in Vegas. When I’m sitting down for a drink or some crag legs at the buffet, I always have to put a card or two in while I do so. Just because I am taking a break from the tables, doesn’t mean I have to take a break from gambling!

Like most casino games, keno has made its way online and in some ways have improved the game. The house edge on keno is not the best, but the potential payoffs are huge. With online keno, there are games that shorten the house edge. Games like Mini Keno that make the board smaller or other keno games that give you a bonus for hitting on the first or last ball. They have opened a whole new world to keno players and frankly I’m here for it.

When selecting a keno game online, it’s important to know what casino you are getting into bed with. That’s what this article aims to tell you. I have played keno at many, some would say too many, online casinos in order to find the best. If you’re going to play this game online, you need this guide.

Where To Play Keno Online:

America: Roaring Casino is one of my favorite casinos online and they offer a great keno game where you can play 1, 5, or 10 games at a time.

Canada: SIA Casino has a great online casino. They offer three variations of Keno with Keno Pop, Tutan Keno, and Fire Fly Keno. In addition to those keno games, they also offer a wide variety of live dealer games. I also enjoy the simplicity of the keno at Roaring Casino.

United Kingdom: You can play Classic Keno at 888 Sports. This is a casino with a great reputation that treats their players well.

Everywhere Else: With one of the best sign-up bonuses online, I have to recommend playing keno online at Roaring Casino.

What Keno Games / Variations Are There?

Live Dealer Keno: This is just the same keno that you normally play, but it features a real dealer drawing the balls live on video.

Keno Kickoff: This is a football themed variation of keno that features 40 numbers instead of 80. Players can choose a maximum of 10 numbers in this game. The pay table is different for this one, but the same rules apply.

Mini Keno: A keno variation that only has 40 numbers on the board and only ten numbers are drawn by the dealer.

Power Keno This fun variant has the same rules as regular keno with the added bonus that if you draw the last ball, your card gets a 4x multiplier.

Bonus Spot Keno: Similar to Power Keno, this game has all of the traditional rules but the first ball works as a multiplier instead of the last.

How to Play Keno Online:

Keno is a unique game because you can play it in many different ways. You can bet one number, you can bet 20 numbers, or every amount in between. The amount of numbers that you pick changes the amount that you win. Your payout is then based on the amount of “hits” you get.

  1. Open up the keno game you wish to play on your browser.
  2. Set your bet amount. Some casinos allow you to start as low as $0.01.
  3. Select the amount of numbers that you wish to play. Remember there are 80 numbers and you will be allowed to choose up to 10 or 20 numbers. As you select numbers, the amount of hits needed to win and payout will appear on the screen.
    You can also use “quick pick” if you wish to let the numbers be chosen for you at random.
  4. Click “Play”. Some casinos allow you to play multiple games at once. So if you click “Play 5” it will draw five consecutive games using the same numbers on your card.
  5. If you win, your money will be added to your account.
  6. You can then select new numbers or continue to play the same ones.

Common Keno Questions:

What are the hit probabilities in Keno?

0 Hits – 1 in 843.380
1 Hits – 1 in 86.446
2 Hits – 1 in 20.115
3 Hits – 1 in 8.009
4 Hits – 1 in 4.877
5 Hits – 1 in 4.287
6 Hits – 1 in 5.258
7 Hits – 1 in 8.826
8 Hits – 1 in 20.055
9 Hits – 1 in 61.420
10 Hits – 1 in 253.801
11 Hits – 1 in 1,423.822
12 Hits – 1 in 10,968.701
13 Hits – 1 in 118,084.920
14 Hits – 1 in 1,821,881.628
15 Hits – 1 in 41,751,453.986
16 Hits – 1 in 1,496,372,110.872
17 Hits – 1 in 90,624,035,964.712
18 Hits – 1 in 10,512,388,171,906.553
19 Hits – 1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.500
20 Hits – 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.000

How many possible combinations are there in keno?

The amount of possible combinations when drawing twenty out of eighty Keno balls is 3,535,316,142,212,174,320. That is such a big number that it is hard to visualize, but it shows how low the chance of hitting all the right numbers is.

How to win at keno?

Keno has a pretty steep house edge, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself a better chance to win. One way that I recommend to give yourself the best odds is to select between four and eight numbers. I personally think this is the sweet spot between a nice payout and the likelihood of hitting.

What are the payouts on keno?

I will just list the payouts for 1-10. I took these payouts from Roaring Casino. Payouts may vary from casino to casino.

3 number card – 2 hits pays 2x
3 number card – 3 hits pays 40x
4 number card – 2 hits pays 1x
4 number card – 3 hits pays 4x
4 number card – 4 hits pays 150x
5 number card – 3 hits pays 2x
5 number card – 4 hits pays 13x
5 number card – 5 hits pays 800x
6 number card – 3 hits pays 1x
6 number card – 4 hits pays 5x
6 number card – 5 hits pays 100x
6 number card – 6 hits pays 1800x
7 number card – 4 hits pays 2x
7 number card – 5 hits pays 30x
7 number card – 6 hits pays 400x
7 number card – 7 hits pays 5000x
8 number card – 5 hits pays 10x
8 number card – 6 hits pays 120x
8 number card – 7 hits pays 1600x
8 number card – 8 hits pays 5000x
9 number card – 5 hits pays 5x
9 number card – 6 hits pays 60x
9 number card – 7 hits pays 300x
9 number card – 8 hits pays 4000x
9 number card – 9 hits pays 5000x
10 number card – 5 hits pays 2x
10 number card – 6 hits pays 25x
10 number card – 7 hits pays 150x
10 number card – 8 hits pays 1200x
10 number card – 9 hits pays 5000x
10 number card – 10 hits pays 5000x

Keno Betting Strategy:

I don’t believe in the idea of “hot” or “cold” numbers. A cold number means a number that hasn’t hit in awhile and people believe that it is “due” to hit. A hot number is one that has come up in multiple games in a row. I don’t think this is a real phenomena as you have to consider each game it’s own thing. Think of the balls like goldfish. The balls don’t know that they have been picked a few times in a row. They only know they are being picked right now. A goldfish can’t be hot or cold unless you put me in charge of refilling the tank. (Sorry, kids!)

If you are playing online, I recommend checking out the keno variants that are offered. We all know the odds on classic keno, but if there are variants available then you could get special bonuses or better odds as compared to the original game.

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