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Where To Play Let It Ride


I’m a big fan of poker, but sitting down at the poker table is such a commitment. If I’m going to sit down at a poker table, that’s eight hours down the drain right there. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but sometimes I just want to play a few hands and be done with it. If you’re like me, Let It Ride poker is a great substitute.

Let It Ride Poker was invented by John Breeding, inventor of the Shuffle Master. His goal in creating the game was to sell more shuffling machines, but he actually created a really fun game. The game is basically five-card stud meets hold em. You are dealt three cards and then there are two community cards that are revealed after a round of betting. A pair of 10s is the minimum hand to payout. Many casinos also offer progressive jackpots connected to Let It Ride as well and a player can win huge money if they get a Royal Flush or Straight Flush.

If you are interested in checking out Let It Ride Poker, keep reading this post. I have played at many casinos online and have put together this article in order to show you the best place to play online.

Where To Play Let It Ride Online:

One of the best places to play Let It Ride for Americans is Roaring Casino. They offer an excellent 400% welcome bonus that includes 100 free slot spins. I’m also a big fan of the CasinoMax who also offer a progressive jackpot on their Let Em Ride games.

What Let It Ride Games / Variations Are There?

Let It Ride is a casino table game that is a variation on five-card stud. The rules are that each player is dealt three cards and then there are two community cards that you can build your hand off of.

It is a pretty straight forward game so there isn’t really any variations that exist. However, some casinos do offer an optional side bet for a Three Card Bonus. This is a bet only on the three cards that are dealt to the player. The payout structure is based on the rankings of three-card brag with a three-card flush being the best hand and a pair being the lowest to payout.

How to Play Let It Ride Online:

  1. Set your bet amount. You don’t want to bet your whole roll here because you have the option of raising your bet.
  2. Your cards are dealt. This will give you an idea of how to play going forward. If you have a made pair or something you believe can improve, you have the opportunity to raise. Otherwise you can just continue.
  3. The first community card is revealed. If it helps your hand you can raise again. Otherwise you can just hit continue.
  4. The final card is dealt. If you win, you will be paid out immediately.
  5. Click rebet or change your bet amount if you want to play again.

Common Let It Ride Questions:

What does the pay table look like in Let It Ride?

Pair of 10s or better pays 1:1
Two Pair pays 2:1
3 of a kind pays 3:31
Straight pays 5:1
Flush pays 8:1
Full House pays 11:1
4 of a Kind pays 50:1
Straight Flush pays 200:1
Royal Flush pays 1000:1

How do you win a progressive jackpot in Let It Ride?

This varies from casino to casino, but the way it works at CasinoMax is:

To win the big, max payout progressive jackpot you need to hit a Royal Flush.

If you hit a Straight Flush you are entitled to 10% of the progressive jackpot.

4 of a Kind pays a $500 bonus.

Full House pays a $100 bonus.

A Flush pays a $75 bonus.

How to play Let It Ride Poker?

The key with Let It Ride is to only bet a small percentage of your bankroll on each hand. The odds of winning a hand aren’t in your favor so you need to be prepared to lose a couple of hands before you win one. Then when you do get a hand that looks like a winner, say you flop a pair, you need to raise every turn. You are guaranteed to be paid out on the one pair and you want to have enough money in there if you hit a second pair or a set.

What is the house edge in Let It Ride?

The way that a player plays the game affects the house edge. If a player is playing with optimal strategy, the house edge is 3.51%.

Where to play Let It Ride in Vegas?

Let It Ride is available at most casinos. It won’t take up many tables though but you should be able to find it at generally any casino, or a variant of it. Just be sure to ask about all of the sidebets and props they have available as it is very common for each casino to have a slight twist on it.

Can you Martingale at Let It Ride?

Well the Martingale betting system is not a good system that can lead to a bad path, but yes you could. The risk is even higher though as you are placing three bets with a table minimum, so risking so much more. It can get a bit better if you factor in any chips you pull back. Then you just consider the total amount actually risked on a particular hand.

Let It Ride Betting Strategy:

When playing Let It Ride, you need to apply the same level of mathematical scrutiny that you would if you were playing poker. Think about the possible outs that you have and the probability of them hitting.

For example, let’s say you have four cards on the board and you’re nearly at a straight. You have 8-9-10 and the community card is a Queen. A straight pays very well in Let It Ride, but is it worth it to raise here? The odds say no as you only have four cards that can help you here. However, if the the community card was a Jack – you could justify a raise as you would have eight outs, four queens and four 7s.

One key piece of advice I’ll give is that if you hit a pair of 10s or higher, smash that raise button. You are guaranteed to win here and your hand can only improve with the next cards. Raise and raise because you never know if you hit a second pair, three of a kind, full house, or four of a kind.

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