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Where To Bet The COD 4 Nations Cup

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As a relatively new event, the COD 4 Nations Cup is making a lot of waves with its arrival on the eSports scene. Pitting players from a range of different countries against one another, this sees some of the best that Call of Duty has to offer coming together in a fierce online battle. This means that there’s a lot of competition and talent to bet on here, as we will now examine further in greater detail.

Initially organized by the CoD4 Community over on Discord, this was a venture first set up by fans of the eSport and the game in general. Run with the approval the game’s developers, Activision, themselves, it’s one of the largest community organized events to date. Featuring forty-eight teams split into eight different groups, it’s a huge online event that runs throughout January and February online. The community aspect of the event is also noteworthy, as the online PUG, or ‘Pick-Up Game’, element of the event makes it open to anybody, essentially allowing it to become a showcase for newfound talent to rise up through the ranks.

Being run by COD fans for fans, this will be an exciting event with betting odds that could vary drastically, making for some extremely interesting bets. Where do you start though, and what can you do to better ensure that you find a winner when placing down your wager?

Where To Bet The COD 4 Nations Cup:

America: The bets are limited given that this is a somewhat smaller event, but, depending upon availability, Bovada is your best bet in North America.

Canada: Here you’ll find that Bet365 Sportsbook is your best option when betting on COD 4 and the Nations Cup in the vicinity of Canada.

Everywhere Else: Again Bet365 Sportsbook is ideal when it comes to all things COD, with its international betting coverage of the Nations Cup.

What is The COD 4 Nations Cup?

Using the ProMod iteration of the game, this mod version of Call of Duty 4 has been preferred by a large and growing community online seeking to increase their skill-gap. This means that they aim to build upon the requirements needed to become a more elite player, allowing teams to advance themselves even further professionally. There are servers online built around this, leading to more dedicated groups, which in this case has seen the CoD4 PUG Community grow around the COD 4 ProMod.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare itself would come out back in 2007, and would go on to be one of the most celebrated installments in the franchise. Still recognized as a series high-point to this day, modders have sought to keep the game alive, which is where the Nations Cup now comes in, and is currently formatted like this:

  • Group Stages: With twelve rounds to each match, a best-of-three format with eight groups of six teams in a round-robin system is used, as the top three advance to the playoffs.
  • Playoffs: It’s a best-of-three style match system again, this time using single elimination.
  • Finals: The final teams compete against one another, using a best-of-five match format to decide upon the winners.

Promod has been the standard for many players in the ever competitive COD eSports scene for a number of years now, ensuring a higher degree of professionalism in the game. What does this mean for those betting on the games though, and how can you make sure you’re placing down a potentially more lucrative wager?

Common COD 4 Nations Cup Questions:

What bets can I expect and who should I watch out for?:

Given that this is still a fairly new event, the bets currently focus on the more general wagers, such as which teams will win overall. The ‘To Win Outright’ is what you’ll likely be presented with first, as you can put money down on which country will win the cup overall. Make sure you go online to find the players and teams that are making an impact, as you can discover the people who are making the most progress directly. Given that there’s a strong community already developed around the tournament, it’s easy to follow, with many of the players having their own channels on Twitch.

Where can I see the games?:

The main place to watch the games is over on Twitch, as there’s many channels broadcasting and live-streaming the majority of the event. Channels such as ‘phantasyftw’ and ‘cardinalityTV’ have regular showings of the games to name just a few. You should also be able to catch-up on some of the replays over on YouTube, with many of the older games being available there. The players themselves are great places to start, as they stream many of the games live as they happen.

How to Bet The COD 4 Nations Cup:

Bovada: The ‘Sports’ tab is at the top of the main page, taking you through to the ‘All Sports (A-Z)’ option down below on the next. Opening this up you should be able to find ‘eSports’, which will then give you a roll-down menu with ‘All eSports’, and you can use this to find ‘Other eSports’. Here you’ll find Call of Duty and the Nations Cup if available, opening it up to the bets running down the middle of the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Selecting ‘Sports’ on the top of the main page, go ahead and choose ‘Esports’ from down the left side, just below ‘Darts’. You should then be able to roll down the selection of eSports in the middle of the page now, with the ‘COD4 – Nations Cup’ some way down. This will then open up the current bets available, which will mostly be ‘To Win Outright’, as you can select the country that you think will win overall.

The COD 4 Nations Cup Betting Strategy:

The fact that this is all online is hugely beneficial for anyone wanting to put down money, as you can immediately see where the stronger opponents are potentially coming from. With its community aspect too, you can easily find more information on who is playing and when, getting to know who they are and where their strengths lie. Given it a more personal feel than some of the larger events, there’s plenty of opportunity to get in at the ground level.

With many of the players also being relative newcomers, you should be able to find some extremely competitive odds. With enough research into who is playing, you can find a bet that’s more tailored to you and your needs, offering you more profit potential in the long-run.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.