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Where To Bet Valorant Map Winner

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As a 5v5 team-based tactical shooter, each Valorant team needs to manage each map sufficiently, battling each other across the terrain. While the combination of modern weapons and magic make up the majority of Valorant’s eSports action, it’s also the environments that are important not to overlook. Here we shall look at the maps themselves and what they entail, seeing how each team can effectively navigate it, and what to look for in a winner when betting on each map.

Valorant has been running successfully as an eSport for a while, with its free-to-play model, featuring international players and teams. Making up a core feature is the terrain that’s being battled on, with the interactive environments being just as important as anything else. With some players and teams faring better on specific maps, it’s vital to keep an eye out for who is playing on what and when. Using key points of each map to the team’s advantage, you should also have a general idea of where everything is, but this isn’t essential. Different maps have different attributes, and the choice of map used mostly depends on the type of the game itself.

What does it take to navigate each of these maps more effectively, though, and what can you look for when determining a map winner? From the players and teams to the maps themselves, how do you spot the winning signs, and how can you get more from your money?

Where To Bet Valorant Map Winner:

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What is Valorant Map Winner?

Throughout any given game of Valorant, each match gets broken into separate rounds, and these will take place across a set map. This map makes up the battleground for the five-player teams, all while making the most of their environment. One team is assigned the role of attackers, while the others are the defenders, and they must battle each other across different map points. Each player takes different ‘agents’ to control, and this also tends to alter the overall match outcome. Sometimes, the gameplay will differ, but each game’s fundamental driving force typically stays the same throughout.

Many of the maps themselves differ across each different variation, as they have their key features setting them apart from the rest. There are around five different maps in total that get used in Valorant, each with their attributes and layouts:

  • Bind: two sites are on the map, one being ‘short A,’ and the other being ‘long B,’ while attackers infiltrate from the beach coast through a system of hallways and teleporters.
  • Haven: with three sites on the map, A, B, and C, each is accessible through alleyways and sewer systems.
  • Split: offering a site left and right, there’s a high ground in the middle which offers map dominance to one team.
  • Ascent: one of the most open maps available, this has a large courtyard at its center, and it also features closeable doors throughout.
  • Icebox: there’s plenty of angles here, making this one of the most complex maps available, with horizontal ropes spread across as well.

Many different maneuvers get used across the various maps, which will help change any given game’s direction. How do you best determine these, where about skill, and where should you look betting on a map winner?

Common Valorant Map Winner Questions:

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What should I look for when it comes to a map winner?

By and large, it’s how each team handles the maps, navigating their way around while managing their resources effectively. The use of space will be a huge factor, looking at how the players themselves spread themselves out, working alongside one another. Interaction and communication are key, as they must know where each other is at all times, knowing what their intentions are. Any slight changes to a map can also make a lot of difference, so it’s best to keep yourself updated about any patches made. Watching older games, along with streams from each of the team members, should give you some idea of what to expect here.

How do I know which maps are going to be in use?

Usually, there are outlets online that can help you here, giving you some idea of which maps will be in play. Following the different organizations and events will help you, as they’ll often get called out beforehand. You can then better understand what to expect, seeing what’s coming up in the following matches to come. Sometimes the type of event will also be a good indicator, as some prefer to opt for one style of gameplay over another.

How to Bet Valorant Map Winner:


Heading straight on over to the betting section, move down the left-hand side of the page, and find ‘VALORANT.’ Opening it up, you should then see all of the available upcoming matches down the page, and you then need to select the arrow beside each one. With this, it will bring up all the available props open for that game, and it is here that you can go down and choose the ‘Map Winner’ subsection, choosing the maps and teams you want.

Valorant Map Winner Betting Strategy:

It’s best to start with the players themselves, seeing where their strengths and weaknesses lie in each of the maps. Next, you want to look at how they interact with their teams as a whole, understanding how they interact with one another across each map’s terrain. Together, this will give you a better and more precise idea of how they’ll fare when dealing with each map.

Check announcements before the games take place, and you should be able to gain a more accurate picture of which maps will be in play. Once you have all of this, you can put your money down with a greater degree of confidence in the long-run.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.