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Where To Bet The AWC Circuit

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Reaching the Arena World Championship is the ultimate goal of every professional Warcraft eSports star. One final hurdle before getting there is the AWC Circuit, which sees the teams compete for a spot in the Championships after having progressed through the Cups. Now we’ll break this down in finer detail, looking at what this means, and how you can place money down with greater efficiency.

Organized by Blizzard, the AWC is an annual event that takes place through the latest iteration of World of Warcraft. Still one of the most popular online franchises, running strong since 2004, it’s become huge in the world of professional eSports worldwide. Marking this now is the Arena World Championship, or the AWC, and the Circuit is an integral part of this in that it seeds teams from the regional Cups into the Championship itself. After winning their respective Cups, the Warcraft teams will enter the Circuit qualifiers, as they get to represent their overall region.

There’s a lot of competition riding at this level, with the teams looking to make their name on the international eSports stage. How does this stack up when it comes to betting though, and who are the teams that’ll will have the honor of going through?

Where To Bet The AWC Circuit:


The best sportsbook when it comes to Warcraft in North America is Bovada, as it provides the most options, although this can sometimes depend upon the availability of certain regions.


Everyone in Canada is pretty much covered by Bet365 Sportsbook, with its wide selection of bets and odds being offered.

Everywhere Else:

The AWC is again best served by Bet365 Sportsbook, covering the rest of the world, with its straightforward selection of wagers.

What is The AWC Circuit?

The top eight teams from the Arena World Championship Cups are brought in, as they compete for their region and a place in the finals. Using the Battle for Azeroth, or BFA iteration of the game, they participate in the tournament, coming from both Europe, and North America, which also incorporates Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America. Following this qualifier, the top four teams then go through, as the Circuit itself takes place over approximately four weekends in total.

Broken up into two seasons, there’s the Spring and the Summer season, both working similarly in that they provide a path to BlizzCon at the end of the year. Here’s how the Circuits work for both seasons individually, operating on the same general format for each of them:

  • Circuit Format: Using a round-robin format, two groups of eight winning teams from the cups compete with one another, playing each other once in a best-of-five match.
  • NA Circuit: Eight teams from the previous four cups play each other, with four making it through to the North American Finals.
  • EU Circuit: Again it’s eight winning teams from the cups, playing through the Circuit in order for four winning teams to be seeded into the European Finals.

There’s a lot at stake here, with $500,000 USD in total awarded as a prize pool for the Championships overall; a number which continues to grow. What teams will get to the top though, and how do you know the signs to look for when betting on them?

Common AWC Circuit Questions:

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Which teams are the most likely to win?:

Given that many of the teams will have already made their way through the regional Cups, it’s best to watch for those gaining momentum. Usually it’s the case that those who’ve done especially well in the previous stages will continue to do well as the Championship progresses. There’s still room for some surprises at this level though, as some last minute turnarounds could potentially shift everything. Made up of teams of four, keep an eye on each and every player, as it’s important to keep a check on any possible weak links in these rounds.

How can I view the games online?:

There’s plenty of options to watch the games live as they happen, as well as catching up with replays too. Heading over to Twitch you can typically live-stream them, with the official ‘World of Warcraft’ channel, providing clips and highlights too. Then there’s the channel over on YouTube, with ‘World of Warcraft’ showing many of the older games there, as many are archived. The site can also help you, giving you what you need with all the latest schedules and rosters.

How to Bet AWC Circuit:


Start by using the ‘Sports’ option, and then you can open the ‘Esports’ portion of the site from the navigation bar below. Here you’ll see the ‘All Esports’ roll-down menu, under which you need ‘Other eSports’ and then ‘WoW’, taking you through to ‘All WoW’. Next you’ll need to select the individual cups and their finals along the circuit, which will be named beside each match, and you can open up down the page.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

Move down the left side to find ‘Esports’, which is located right below ‘Darts’, taking you through to all the upcoming eSports listed alphabetically down the page. The ‘WOW’ events will be near the bottom, with any tournaments on the Circuit being broken up into regions, with the betting markets below. Opening up the different bets, you can then go through and create your betting coupon as you’d like it.

AWC Circuit Betting Strategy:

The road to the championship is already underway around this level, so you need to pay attention to what’s come before. Many players will still be finding their style and approach, so there may be some fairly inventive approaches to the game here. Take advantage of this, and make sure to bet on the players with slightly higher odds, but who know the terrain well, as this will always give them the upper hand.

Unpredictability is often the key to the game here, as you can’t allow your opponent to know what you’re thinking. Once you have a clearer handle on what the players themselves are offering and their personalities, you should be able to place bets with much better precision.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.