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Where To Bet College Football Over/Unders


College football is one of the biggest sports in America and it’s easy to see why. With some many colleges, so many die hard fans and so many games throughout the week; it’s easy to become invested in these teams and the outcomes of the game.

Not only is it one of the biggest sports, it also has some of the biggest scores which makes betting over/unders in college football a ton of fun. The lines in college football are much higher than the NFL Over/Unders and scores can resemble video games. Offenses tend to be more varied in college as well with some teams running fast run-and-gun offenses while others opt for the option or even triple-option. These types of match-ups make betting totals a ton of fun.

In this article, we are going to do a deep dive on college football over/unders (game totals). We’ll cover how to bet them, where to bet them and our own strategy for picking the winners.

Where To Bet College Football Over/Unders (Game Totals):

America: One of the best sites for betting football across the board is Bovada. They offer over/unders on every college football game with updates for halftime lines as well. They have you covered on every NCAA game including lines on Division II and Division III.

Canada: Sports Interaction has a ton of college football betting options and is the best site for Canadians to bet at. You can bet totals, moneylines, point spreads, and a wide variety of props here. A great site for betting NFL.

Everywhere Else: While the games might come on at crazy hours of the night in their home base, 888 still offers a ton of great options for the college football season. In addition to over/unders on the entire game, you can also bet on the over/unders for each quarter and each half as well.

What are College Football Over/Unders (Game Totals)?

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Every game during the college football season is given a Game Total which you can then bet whether you think it will go over or under that number. A defensively minded battle like Michigan vs. Michigan State might have a total like 38.5 while a match-up of two offensive juggernauts like Central Florida vs. FAU might see their total in the 80s.

In each match-up, you choose whether you want to bet “over” or “under”. An over on Michigan vs. Michigan State would mean that you want there to be at least 39 points scored against a 38.5 spread. 38 would be considered a loss. While an under on Central Florida vs. FAU would mean you are hoping for 80 or less combined points on a 80.5 total.

Common College Football Over/Under Questions:

How does the overtime affect college football over/unders?

In college football, the overtime allows both teams to get a chance to score with the ball starting from the 25 yard line. If you both score the same amount of points, the game then goes to another overtime and on and on.

If the over is not hit at the end of regulation then you are in trouble if you bet the under as the points are going to start piling on with both teams starting at just the 25-yard line. Games that go to overtime is almost a guaranteed lock for over.

How does precipitation affect a college football game (and its over/under)?

Does precipitation, either rain or snow, affect a college football game’s over/under? Absolutely and it can often be profitable to bet the under in this situation.

A study from Football Study Hall showed that, even with sportsbooks adjusting their totals for the rain, the under still hit 56.6% of the time with a record of 390-299-13 over their sample size.

Rain can make the football wet or, worse, make the ground slippery. This can have a terrible affect on offenses. You also can’t underestimate the visibility changes that can affect quarterbacks. Similarly, the windier games are more likely to go under as well.

How To Bet College Football Over/Unders (Game Totals):

In order to bet a college football total, you need to first go to your sportbook’s football section. At Bovada and 888 this is linked right from the top while at Sports Interaction it will be on the left sidebar.

From the football section find “College Football” and all of your betting options will be right there.

College Football Over/Unders (Game Totals) Betting Strategy:

Beware the team that has been blowing away the totals.

Sometimes you have a team that is just blowing out their opponents and blowing out the total every single week.

The way the college football season is tacked, you can often play weak teams early in the schedule and then as you get into the conference schedule you start playing better and better defenses that have you scouted. Teams that are scoring big points aren’t always going to do that so you need to be aware of who they are playing and why they might not do as well against that team.

Where To Bet Football Leagues:

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