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Where To Bet College Football Point Spreads


Point spreads are the center of all football betting and that is true in college football as well. With the wide disparity between teams as well as the lack of data on freshman and younger players, there can be wild swings in the point spreads that you don’t see in other sports which is what makes it so fun.

The college football season is always filled with a lot of drama and when you add in point spread betting, it just gets better. It is a sport filled with variance and upsets so it can be a wild ride of betting, but point spreads are a ton of fun to bet.

While the basic tenants of point spreads are the same across all sports, college football point spreads are a bit different than NFL Point Spreads. This article will cover why that is and our tips for how to bet on them.

Where To Bet College Football Point Spreads:

America: Football is one of the key driving forces for Bovada and college football point spreads are some of their most popular plays. They keep them updated throughout the week and make changes when needed. They also offer a wide variety of other college football bets including over/unders, moneylines, props, and more.

Canada: While Canada doesn’t participate in college football as we know it, the good people at Sports Interaction still put out tons of great lines on every game each week. They offer all of the college football bets that you would be looking for including point spreads, totals, and much more.

Everywhere Else: 888 is a great place for college football betting and it’s one of the most respected sites in the industry. They offer a wide variety of bets on each college football game during the season with a ton of props for all the major games during the season.

What are College Football Point Spreads?

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A point spread set on a college football game is a number that a team has to win by or another team has to lose by less than.

So, if the Florida State team is -3.5 against Notre Dame that would mean if you bet FSU, they need to win by 4 points for you to win the bet. If you bet Notre Dame, they can lose by 3 or less, or win, for you to win the bet. It’s an imaginary number added to the final score of the game to settle your bet.

In college football, we can really see some extreme lines going one way or the other with lines as high as -60 depending on the match-up. Often times, these are just better off staying away from because the level of play needed to cover is just so high.

Common College Football Point Spread Questions:

How important are returning starters?

In college football, you can only play for four years before you graduate and your college career ends. A great team last year might graduate some starters (or have them leave early for the draft) and this can change the outlook of the following year’s team. How much?

Of the 86 teams to return 10 or less starters from the prior years team over the past five years, only 17 have improved their win totals and on average the teams dropped about 1.8 wins. The decline is real (according to the New York Post) and you need to consider it when betting early season college football.

What is the biggest point spread upset in college football history?

Three of the biggest upsets in college football history by point spread have all taken place during the past fifteen years, with two of them taking place during the same season.

Syracuse Orange (+37) over Louisville Cardinals – Sept. 22, 2007
Final score: Syracuse 38, Louisville 35

This one was a real shocker at the time as Syracuse came in losing their last three games while Louisville was on a 20-game home winning streak. The Orange came out hot here and had a big lead heading into the fourth, a lead they almost blew.

Stanford Cardinal (+40.5) over USC Trojans – Oct. 6, 2007
Final score: Stanford 24, USC 23

Stanford went 1-11 in 2006, but was on the upswing in 2007. That said, they weren’t anywhere near USC at this time who were in the midst of a five year run atop of college football. The USC team had a big problem with turnovers here and Stanford scored with less than a minute left to steal the win.

Howard Bison (+45.5) over UNLV Rebels – Sept. 2, 2017
Final score: Howard 43, UNLV 40

The biggest upset in history saw Cam Newton’s brother Caylin run wild all over UNLV. Newton finished with 190 yards rushing and two TDs, including the winning run.

How To Bet College Football Point Spreads:

College football is one of the biggest revenue drivers at a sportsbook so it’s typically easy to find. At Sports Interaction you can find it right on the left sidebar under “Football” while at Bovada and 888 it is linked from the top menu, under “Football”.

NCAA College Football Point Spreads Betting Strategy:

Don’t be afraid to ride the hot team in college football. Every season, we see a few teams that just do outstanding against the spread and are seemingly immune to the adjustments.

In 2017, Iowa State and Fresno State were 11-2 ATS, FAU was 10-4 and Georgia was 11-4 ATS.

In 2016, Temple was 12-2 ATS, Penn State was 10-3-1 ATS and Colorado State and Eastern Michigan were both 10-3 ATS.

In 2015, Washington State was 10-3 ATS while Bowling Green, Stanford and Southern Mississippi were 10-4 ATS.

This happens every year. Finding them isn’t exactly easy, but once you identify them you can beat them into the ground.

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