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Where To Bet College Football Moneylines


You see it every year in college football, undefeated teams and teams with one loss. Teams with two losses on the outside looking in on the National Championship picture. Teams in college football are really good. Why not just bet the moneylines?

In college football, you can make some money betting moneylines, but there are times when they are crazy high or times when they just aren’t available.

This article is going to take you into the world of college football moneylines and tell you how to bet them as well as where to bet them and so much more. Let’s get into it.

Where To Bet College Football Moneylines:

America: Bovada offers tons of betting options for college football throughout the season including moneylines on most games.

Canada: There are plenty of betting options for college football games at Sports Interaction.

Everywhere Else: While people in this part of the world call this American College Football, they still do like to bet it and can do so at 888.

What are College Football Moneylines?

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A moneyline is a line set on a game for a team to win outright. While point spreads attempt to maneuver around the advantage that one teams has over the other, moneylines attempt to put a monetary value on it.

So, while Oklahoma might be a -21 point favorite in the point spread, they would be a -2000 favorite in the moneyline. This means you’d have to bet $2000 to win $100.

Conversely, an underdog in a game like this might be +1200 meaning a $100 bet would win $1200.

Common College Football Moneyline Questions:

Why are College Football Moneylines so high?

Teams can be pretty mismatched in college football due to some being from smaller schools, some have larger budgets and a variety of other factors. Typically, these teams play each other early in the season and they can be quite lopsided with lines of -40 or higher. Many sportsbooks don’t even put moneylines on these types of games.

In 2017, Baylor was a -34.5 favorite over Liberty who ended up winning the game outright. Baylor was a -10000 favorite with Liberty coming in at +5475.

Most sportsbooks figure that nobody would want to bet on that -10000 line to bet $10,000 to win $100 and the only thing that could come out of it is a loss by someone betting Liberty. Not worth the risk to them and games like this will often go without a moneyline although Bovada is known for almost always having moneylines.

What is the best site to bet on college football?

The sportsbooks we mentioned above are the best based on your country.

To reiterate that’s Bovada for Americans, Sports Interaction for Canadians and 888 for everyone else.

Each one we picked for different reasons however the main reasons are betting options, trust, reliability and even the deposit bonus. There can be additional features such as live betting as well for example, or just better odds.

We say Bovada is the best site for Americans to bet on college football for example because they are reliable. They have been around for decades. There is a strong trust there. Their customer service is excellent. They offer a good deposit bonus and even better – they offer both reload bonuses AND various rewards. They also have their own rewards program. On top of that they offer a wide variety of college football betting lines and their odds are competitive. So for us when you add all that up, that makes them the best site to bet on college football if you’re American.

Trust is the biggest factor for us when it comes to telling you what sites to bet college football on of course so if you are wondering why a sportsbook isn’t listed with us for college football betting, it’s either because we don’t trust them or because we don’t have experience with them. Or maybe they just aren’t that good when it comes to offering college football betting options.

How To Bet College Football Moneylines:

The college football games are a big part of any sportsbook and they make them easy to find. Bovada and 888 link them right from the top, just find “Football” (or “American Football”) and navigate to the college football area.

Sports Interaction has football linked on the left sidebar with college football being right below it.

College Football Moneyline Betting Strategy:

The best way to bet moneylines in college football is to bet on small underdogs with big odds in there favor. A +4.5 team might be +170. That is quite a good value and if that team is playing at home, it can be a smart bet.

Where To Bet Football Leagues:

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