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Where To Bet CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series

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Counter Strike :Global Offensive is one of the biggest online first-person shooters, with a huge following worldwide. The BLAST Pro Series is a huge professional tournament celebrating this, with players from far-and-wide coming together, with the best international teams competing for the top prize. As a professional showcase for the world’s greatest in the eSport, there’s also plenty of chances to place a bet down too, as we shall see here.

Managed by RFRSH Entertainment, it’s a Danish event, with the company headquarters located in Copenhagen, having been founded back in 2017. Taking place offline in real-time, the event itself is live-streamed through various platforms, including Twitch, to a large international audience of players worldwide. For the Spring Season of the BLAST Premier, there’s twelve teams participating, as the top two teams move on through to the Spring Finals. Following all this there’s also the Summer Season, making BLAST one of the biggest competitive CS:GO events to date.

With the bottom two teams having to go through the Spring Showdown, there’s a lot of competition to come out on top. Where should you place your money down though, and what should you look for in a professional CS:GO player?

Where To Bet The CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series:

America: Here you’ll want BetOnline for the Blast Premier Spring Series, as it offers a good selection of outright bets for each of the groups, plus you should be able to find some individual bets on the day of the matches themselves.

Canada: For all those in Canada, you should be able to find a range of bets through Bet365 Sportsbook, providing a dedicated subsection for the CS:GO – Blast Premier Spring Series.

Everywhere Else: Internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook is the ideal option again when it comes to all things CS:GO betting related.

What is The CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series?

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Typically taking place at the end of January and continuing on into February, the Spring Series is an annual event that’s positioned within the S-Tier tournament ranking. This means it’s a premier event, with an increasingly high prize-pool that currently stands at $300,000, and it continues to rise. With three groups of four teams, there’s a lot at stake, with the winners being given the chance to go through and win the $1M prize in the Global Finals.

The team currently standing with the most titles from the Blast Pro series overall, is Astralis, although the constantly evolving nature of the eSport means this is always subject to change. As of this moment, this is how the competition format stands:

  • Group Stage: Three groups of four teams compete in double-elimination best-of-three matches.
  • Spring Showdown: The bottom two teams from each group must compete in the Spring Showdown for their place in the Spring Finals.
  • Spring Finals: The top two teams from each group from the Group Stage go straight through to the Spring Finals, competing with the top two teams from the Showdown, and the winners gain the prize money, along with a place in the Global Finals.

Teams are provided a chance to move beyond Europe and play on a worldwide platform in the Global Finals, with the event previously taking place in Bahrain. This means there’s a lot at stake here, but you can stand to make a substantial sum when betting, which we’ll now break-down in greater detail.

Common CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series Betting Questions:

What bets should I look for with the CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series?:

The Blast Premier Series is pretty well covered by many sportsbooks, from outright bets, to match lines and separate maps. Whilst you can get more straightforward odds provided through the ‘Team To Win’ bets, there’s a lot interesting smaller wagers to be made that can easily be missed. Betting on the maps can bring up some extremely favorable odds, especially when looking at which teams/players handle will be handling certain terrains. CS:GO is just as much a game based on the in-game environment as it is team interaction, and it’s always best to see who will be playing where beforehand.

How can I best watch the CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series?:

With their own Twitch and YouTube channels, the Blast Premier is pretty well covered online, with official outlets and streams to view the games. The Twitch BLASTProSeries channel has not just the games, but also a number of interviews and commentaries available too. You can also watch older matches on YouTube, along with featurettes on the game itself, giving you everything you need to gain a better understanding of CS:GO. There’s plenty of up-to-date information freely accessible through too, with regular podcasts and articles on the game and tournament.

How to Bet CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series:

BetOnline: Selecting ‘esports’ from the navigation bar at the top of the main page just below the sign in, you’ll be taken through to all the available eSports bets. Rolling down the center of the page, the first bets to come up are those for that day, and you also have the ‘Outright’ bets, which you can find along from ‘Today’. Moving down the page you should be able to find ‘BLAST Premier Spring’, and there’s also the ‘Counter-Strike’ option on the left-hand side right underneath ‘Games’.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Using ‘Sports’ at the top of the main page, you can then find ‘Esports’ located on the left side of the page, right below ‘Darts’. This will give you all the eSports down the page center, and ‘CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Series’ is usually further down. When you open it you can then find the available bets, taking you through to the relevant sections.

CS:GO Blast Premier Spring Series Betting Strategy:

As mentioned previously, the game is largely about how the environment is used, and how players interact with it. Not only is this useful for map based betting, but it’s also helpful in knowing how the players will fare overall in any upcoming matches. With each team-member having a pre-set role, their interaction with one another is also key, as they must communicate with one another at all times.

This can make for a lot of interesting smaller prop bets too, from which rounds will be won, to betting on the lower ranking teams that will win at least one map. Given the detailed nature of the game, there’s always something new to discover in CS:GO, as you research and inform yourself on a potentially more profitable and rewarding bet that’s right for you.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.