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Where To Bet the CS: Go Merkur Masters

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One of the largest German eSports to date, the Merkur Masters is known for focusing on the first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Taking place over two seasons annually, the aim of the tournament is to find the best in the world of professional CS:Go eSports. In this article we’ll not just take a closer look at the Merkur Masters tournament, but also examine how you can make the most of your money when placing wagers here.

With both seasons of the Merkur Masters consisting of six teams, there’s usually one season in May, and the other in November. Starting online, players and teams will work themselves towards participating in the finals offline, as they all compete for a place. Featuring Open Qualifier Cups as the competition for a place, followed by closed qualifiers, the teams will then go on to play offline in the finals. The main finals themselves will then take place in Osnabrück in Germany, which is an event held at the Esports Factory venue there. Streaming the games online in many cases too, the matches themselves will be viewed by a large audience worldwide.

Considering how much at stake there is, and with so many top teams and players competing, it’s easy to get a little lost within it all. Where do you start, and what should you look for when deciding on the winning team and placing a bet yourself?

Where To Bet CS: Go Merkur Masters:

This will be Bovada, as it not only offers betting coverage for most, if not all CS: Go games, including the Merkur Masters, but it also offers this worldwide on a global scale.

What is CS: Go Merkur Masters?

Usually commencing during the month of May each year, the Merkur Masters gives everyone a chance to compete in Germany. Starting out playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive online in teams, they then get the opportunity to progress from amateur status to professional. Not only that, but there is a prize-pool as well, along with the chance to further themselves professionally within the eSport. It’s an enormous undertaking with the chance for many of the players and teams to go on and play on the international stage.

Taking place across a series of qualifiers throughout the season, Merkurs provides a national platform showcasing the best of Germany. Now we’ll break down the Masters overall, looking at how they are generally formatted for the duration of the event here:

  • Open Qualifiers: offering everyone the chance to compete, as it takes place over the course of Six Open Qualifier Cups, with the winners going through, and a prize pool of €6.000.
  • Closed Qualifiers: sixteen teams take part, as they all compete for a place offline in the live final taking place in Osnabrück, with a prize pool of €10.000.
  • Offline Finals: six teams take part, with four of them invited directly, and there’s a chance to win €35.000 over the course of three days at the Esport Factory.

Many of the games themselves use best-of-one single eliminations near the start, with best-of-three towards the end of it all. How do you best determine the winning signs then and which teams will be most likely to emerge victorious from the Merkur Masters?

Common CS: Go Merkur Masters Questions:

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What signs of potential should I look for in a team?:

One of the core components in any Counter Strike team is the interaction between the players, and their understanding of one another’s gameplay. This will allow them to better manoeuvrer within the gaming arena, as it’s all about communication, which is something you want to pay attention to. Their handling of the environment is another important factor, as dealing with the terrain and knowing it inside out can make or break any match. Pay close attention to everyone’s playing styles too, seeing how they handle themselves individually, which you can find out more by watching their individual streams. Anybody that shows intuition in the moment, thinking constantly on their feet is likely to be a good player with a lot to offer.

What’s the best way to see these games?:

There’s plenty of outlets streaming these games live online, and you should be able to easily find the match you’re looking for. From Twitch to YouTube, the games are played live, and you can also find many of the replays to catch up on too. YouTube will have many of the older games, with channels such as watchfulTV playing many of them, allowing you to keep up-to-date. They also have a channel over on Twitch, which delivers the games live in real-time, letting you find the scores as they happen. You may be able to find more through the official MerkurMasters channel on Twitch too, which has plenty of highlights and live matches playing there.

How to Bet CS: Go Merkur Masters:


First go through to the betting section of the site, and then choose ‘Counter-Strike: GO’ from the list of games down the left side under the ‘Esports’ tab. This will give all the events, and the Merkur Masters should be here when available, taking you through to all the upcoming matches down the page. You can then easily choose the teams you think may win, or select the + option next to each game, taking you through to the list of props open.

CS: Go Merkur Masters Betting Strategy:

First of all you want to see exactly who is playing at any one time, checking the line-up for each team that’s competing. Some teams will have their own preferred patterns and approaches, and it’s up to you to determine these, but remember, the other teams will also be aware of this. The unique players that tend to throw a curve ball from the left-field are the ones you want to keep an eye on, as they can really make for some interesting odds. Last minute shots fired seemingly from nowhere can take everyone by surprise, least of all those that it manages to hit.

There’s been several huge surprise wins in the world of CS:Go and this is where the big money can roll in. Once you’re better aware of all the different outcomes possible, you should then be in with a greater chance of winning big time.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.