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Where To Bet the CS:Go FireLeague

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Covering most of South America, the FiReSPORTS organization has been bringing eSports to the Ibero-American regions for some time now, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive being their primary focus. Bringing the FireLeague tournament onto an international platform, they’re delivering the game to an even wider audience than ever before, showcasing a lot of exciting new talent in the process. Here we’ll take a look at what the FireLeague is, what it means, and how you can potentially profit when putting down money.

Taking place annually, the FireLeague is the official showcase tournament for FiReSPORTS, as they provide a strong platform for professional eSports talent. Looking to make as big a name as their European, Asian, and American counterparts, they aim to strengthen the Ibero-American professional eSports scene.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been instrumental in these efforts, with its multiplayer first person shooter action that’s enjoyed by a huge audience worldwide. Seeing players from far and wide, the game is the perfect showcase when it comes to professional talent in the South American eSports arena. As a team based eSport, there’s a lot of professional groups growing in the South American regions, and this has helped a lot of them.

With so many looking to make a name for themselves through the event then, what does this mean for you and your wallet when it comes to betting? There’s so much talent on offer, where should you look when putting down your money, and what are the signs of a winner?

Where To Bet CS:Go FireLeague:

For most CS:Go games, and eSports in general, you should find everything needed through Bovada, covering the FireLeague too, while offering bets to a worldwide audience.

What is CS:Go FireLeague?

Usually commencing in September, and then playing through to the end of November, there’s the regular season, followed by the Regional Finals, and the Global Finals. This is accompanied by the FiReLEAGUE Latin Power BLAST Qualifier, which normally happens during the Fall on an annual basis. Most of this happens online, with the finals themselves being played in real-time, live-streaming in front of an audience depending. It also offers the chance of a platform for anyone wanting to go on and play at an international stage following the league.

Taking place in Argentina, ten teams in total take part from the start, with one emerging victorious at the end, and there’s a prize pool of around $13,000 USD. This is how the tournament itself currently looks and plays generally, with its format progressing over time:

  • Season: using a double Round Robin format, it’s best-of-one matches, with the 1st and 2nd teams going through to Semifinals, and 3rd and 6th heading through to the Quarterfinals.
  • Playoffs: with a single-elimination bracket used, it’s all best-of-three matches, as the winners are seeded into the Regional finals.
  • Finals: this features the Regional Finals, with a prize-pool of $35,000 USD, seeding through to the Global Finals, with four teams and a prize-pool of $70,000 USD.

There’s also the BLAST Qualifier to contend for, which typically takes place towards the end of the Fall, with a team selected to take part. Just who are the winning teams though, and how can you best identify them, the matches they’re playing, and know what to look for?

Common CS:Go FireLeague Questions:

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Which kind of teams should I look for?:

Teams that communicate clearly with each other is essential, as much of the game is about interaction, and strategizing with one another. Players who meld well with their teammates are always powerful, and these are individuals you definitely want to watch out for. The environment is also a crucial factor in Counter Strike, as players must effectively handle their surroundings with precision. Knowing the terrain on each of the maps is a major part of it, using every facet to their full advantage from every angle. Combine these factors together, and you should be seeing a powerful team; one that has good chances of succeeding. Speed and agility in the players themselves is obviously important too, along with accuracy, but it’s also players with an ability to surprise who bring in some highly interesting odds.

Where can I see the games?:

There’s plenty of outlets to view these games online through, with the FireLeague being freely available and live-streaming on a number of different sites. Twitch is one of the first places you’ll want to head to, with the plenty of channels showing Counter Strike games regularly. The official ‘FiReSPORTStv’ is one channel that has all the matches playing there, along with previous highlights, along with replays archived too. Sometimes the sportsbooks themselves will also platform some of the games, but Twitch is your best option here, as it keeps the different feeds updated at all times. Over on YouTube you can also catch up on some of the older games too, with plenty of replays archived there as well.

How to Bet CS:Go FireLeague:


Start off by heading directly to the betting section of the site, before rolling down the left side through the games’ selection within the ‘Esports’ tab. Then, under ‘Counter-Strike: GO’, you’ll find ‘Tournaments’ and ‘FireLeague’ underneath when available. Opening this up you can then choose the individual upcoming matches you want, either selecting the team to win, or opening up the + number of bets beside each one, taking you through to all the open props for that game.

CS:Go FireLeague Betting Strategy:

You want to make yourself fully familiar with the line-up of each team first, knowing exactly who is playing and when. Then you really want to pay attention to which maps are being used at any one given time, getting a better understanding of the terrains they’ll each have to navigate. Next you’ll want to watch their playing styles, which you can usually find through their own individual streams, and more can be found on this through social media.

Following all of this you should then have a better understanding overall, before spreading your bets out, and making full use of the props being offered. This will give you a greater chance of recouping some of the more favorable odds later on too, and, following all this, you should then be able place a bet with far more confidence.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.