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Where To Bet CS: GO Map Winner

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Relying on tactics and co-operation with your teammates, CS:GO is unparalleled as a multiplayer first-person shooter, especially within eSports, with it being one Valves most successful online games to date. A major part of this game’s experience is the maps and how they’re navigated, as this can make or break a match, which is what we’ll now look at, along with how to bet more efficiently on the overall winner of each one.

Starting out in 2012, this would be the fourth game in the highly regarded ‘Counter Strike’ series, with it being the ‘Global Offensive’ edition, and it’s gone on to become the biggest title of the franchise so far. Pitting two teams against one another, one side is the terrorists, whilst the other is the counter-terrorists, and the two of them must eliminate each other, all whilst completing a variety of different objectives simultaneously. During the course of each match they must battle it out across a pre-set map in order to reach the end goal, and there are a number of these are chosen beforehand.

Choosing the outcome of each map and who will win them has proven to be highly profitable within eSports betting. Here we’ll break down what this means for you and how you can make the most of any wager.

Where To Bet CS:GO Map Winner:

America: The best place to find the CS:GO map winner bet, and all other eSports wagers in North America, is Bovada. Here you’ll easily be able to make your bet, whilst providing you with the option of combining it, so as to produce more favorable odds. Simple to use and navigate, it’s definitely the best sportsbook currently out there for this type of bet.

Everywhere Else: Outside of America for all those internationally, Bet365 Sportsbook really is the best place going eSports betting wise. Again providing the CS:GO map winner bet alongside many other wagers, it’s got the most comprehensive listing currently available. With competitive odds too, you can easily find what you want, with its easy to create betting slips.

What is CS:GO Map Winner Betting?

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Only one winning team can come from each map, which means that there’s a lot of competition to successfully master each of them. The maps are typically assigned to certain game styles too, whether it be ‘hostage rescue’, or ‘active duty’, along with them varying in difficulty, with maps such as ‘Cache’ being more open to newcomers, and ‘Nuke’ being more complex in its layout. All of this needs to be considered carefully when looking at who’s competing in the matches ahead, as it will give you some indication of how they’ll fare in-game.

When it comes to which maps are in play these can be subject to change, as Valve tends to keep gameplay fresh, so it doesn’t become stale. Here’s what they look like generally:

  • Active Duty Map Pool: these are officially in play at any given time, including ‘Inferno’, ‘Train’, ‘Mirage’, ‘Nuke’, ‘Overpass’, ‘Dust II’, and ‘Vertigo’.
  • Reserve Map Pool: typically these are the ones on stand-by, with them being either older, or taken out of rotation, including ‘Cache’, ‘Cobblestone’, ‘Canals’, ‘Zoo’, ‘Abbey’, and ‘Biome’.
  • Hostage Rescue Maps: used for the objective of rescuing hostages, including ‘Militia’, ‘Agency’, ‘Office’, ‘Italy’, and ‘Assault’.

Each of these have different styles and, therefore, will need to be handled differently, such as ‘Inferno’ involving the protection of pipelines, and ‘Mirage’ being about bomb defusal. How can you best determine the map winner though, and what signs should you look out for when making a bet?

Common CS:GO Map Winner Questions:

What should I look out for with the CS:GO map winner?:

Players will react to each map in Counter Strike accordingly, which means you need to be aware of what they involve. This includes the objectives and what the scenarios entail, as certain teams and players excel in some areas. Every team has its strengths and weaknesses, such as one may be better at attacking, whilst not being so good on defence. The player line-ups are also an essential component here, and you need to be fully aware of who is playing and when. It’s not the overall winner of the match you’re looking for here so, whilst a team may better all round, you want to look for any weak-points, thus giving you better odds.

What effects the CS:GO Map Winner?:

Again you need to look at what the maps involve, as there’s a whole range of different factors that can effect the overall map winner. The bet itself involves predicting the team that will win an individual map outright, and it’s up to you to determine this. From the terrain to the objective, look at map structure, including elements such as buildings, and whether or not it’s inside or outside. Then there’s patches and updates to consider, as these can also alter the progression of a game, along with the result, so it’s also important to keep up-to-date with these.

How to Bet on the CS:GO Map Winner:

Bovada: Beneath the ‘Casino’ tab when you land on the site is the ‘Sports’ option, and from there you can use the ‘eSports’ option. This will bring you to the next page with an ‘All eSports’ roll-down above, allowing you to select ‘CS:GO’ from above. Down the middle of the page now, you will see all the CS:GO events, and ‘map winner’ should be available for many of them.

Bet365 Sportsbook: From ‘English’ at the top of the page, use ‘Esports’ on the left side of the next. You’ll then find the eSports rolling down the center, along with the CS:GO events amongst them all. Many of these will then also have the ‘map winner’ betting option too.

CS:GO Map Winner Betting Strategy:

As mentioned before it’s the maps themselves that you need concentrate on. Whilst winning these is important to the overall outcome of a game, the winning team can still lose an individual map. That’s why this bet makes a great wager to compliment any other bets you make, raising your odds in the process.

Experimenting with combinations is important here, along with understanding the layout of the maps. This will ultimately then allow you to make a far more informed and potentially profitable bet.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.