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Where To Bet CS: Go Dreamhack Masters

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Where To Bet CS: Go Dreamhack Masters

When it comes to professional eSports, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has continually been at the forefront leading the way. Celebrating this is the Dreamhack Masters, a huge global event bringing some of the best players in the field together on an annual basis. With so much skill on the table it stands to reason there’ll be a number of betting opportunities as well, as we’ll now see here.

Starting out in 2016, the Dreamhack brand sought to provide an international platform for eSports talent to be showcased. Competing in front of the world, many well known teams would come together under the Dreamhack banner, which itself was already established as the largest computer festival in Sweden. The Masters would go on to help build a professional eSports presence, specifically around the ever popular first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Attracting sponsors such as Monster Energy, Corsair, AT&T, and Intel to name but a few, it mainly focuses on CS:GO online.

The event has come a long way over the years, with it hosting various different tournaments in countries across the world. Where should you start with all of this though, and which teams and wagers are the most promising when it comes to betting on matches?

Where To Bet CS: Go Dreamhack Masters:


Using Bovada in North America is your best option, as it pretty much covers all Counter Strike bets there.


Canada will be best served by Bet365 Sportsbook, as this is the ideal choice when it comes to all things CS: Go betting related.

Everywhere Else:

Internationally the best choice is Bet365 Sportsbook once again, offering the widest selection of bets currently out there for Counter Strike.

What is CS: Go Dreamhack Masters?

Established in 2016 in Malmö, Sweden, at the Dreamhack festival, which itself had been running since 1994, this was set to showcase professional eSports from across the world. It’s primary game of focus would be Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the hugely popular first-person shooter featuring teams of five facing off against one another using armed military tactics. The Masters has become a major stage for this, offering fans the chance to watch some highly talented teams competing together.

Originally the event would start out in Sweden, but it has gone on to be hosted in a number of different countries throughout Spring. These regions currently taking part, with a brief look at how they’re laid out, and what they have to offer:

  • Spring – Europe: With sixteen teams participating, this sees four groups of four competing to get through to the Playoffs, with a prize-pool of $160,000 USD.
  • Spring – North America: This time it’s two groups of four, with eight teams in total, and $100,000 being spread out among the top four teams.
  • Spring – Asia: There’s just four teams taking part this time, with $20,000 USD shared out accordingly with all four of them based on rankings.
  • Spring – Oceania: The prize-pool is again $20,000 for the top four, and there’s just four teams playing here too.

The winning teams also receive Pro Tour points, which can be used to move on and play internationally at a championship level. With so much to gain then, what should you keep in mind when looking for a winning team to place your bets on?

Common CS: Go Dreamhack Masters Questions:

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Which are the teams to keep in mind?:

First it’s important to keep in mind the players themselves, as these are the important variables in making or breaking any game. Some teams can dominate the proceedings, with the smaller ones being pushed to one side, but once they’re knocked off their perch for just a moment it can all change. Counter Strike is very much a game based on momentum, and one misplaced device or shot can bring everything down fast. It can be difficult for a team to get back in their stride once again, so watch out for any players with unorthodox styles, as these can be overlooked when it comes to the odds.

How can I best watch the games myself?:

The main place to watch this will be Twitch, as it’s the primary source for most professional eSports games worldwide. YouTube is also good for catching up on matches with their archived games, and sometimes they do provide live-streams too. DreamHackCS is the official channel on Twitch for the majority of the games, and you can find most of what you need through there. Some of the games may not have English commentary depending on the region, but most of it is covered online.

How to Bet CS: Go Dreamhack Masters:


‘Sports’ is the first tab you’ll want, and then it’s ‘eSports’ right underneath on the next, as it’ll take you through to the relevant section. Using the ‘All Esports’ tab after this, you can then pick ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’, followed by ‘Dreamhack Masters Spring’. This will be subject to availability depending upon when you login, but you should then have all the upcoming games listed down the page now, with the odds beside them.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

First choose ‘Esports’ from the options listed down on the left, bringing you through to the eSports section itself. Here you should find ‘CS:GO – Dreamhack Masters Spring’ and whatever region it is listed alphabetically near the top, and the betting markets opening up underneath. There’s also the option to bring up all the matches under ‘Match Lists’ at the top, with ‘CS:GO’ and the Dreamhack section being listed there too.

CS: Go Dreamhack Masters Betting Strategy:

Counter Strike is an eSport that’s largely determined by each of its players, and how they interact with one another as a team. If there’s just one weak link then it can be game over, so you should make sure to watch player streams beforehand. Given that some regions tend to dominate when it comes to the world championships, this is the perfect opportunity to place some bets locally without needing to face this issue.

Look for the smaller teams and pay attention to any individuals who stand out, then see if their team’s odds are high. This can then make for an interesting game, giving you something to follow, and ultimately making for a far more exciting and appealing bet.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.