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Where To Bet Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches

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With there being a lot of progression in the world of AI in gaming in recent years, it’s no wonder that this development has taken the world of eSports by storm, and Mortal Kombat is no exception. Offering virtual matches for the ever popular fighting game, spectators can now sit back and watch AI fighters compete against one another, with stats and algorithms determining the overall outcome. In this article we’ll take a closer look at what all this means, and how you can put down money when it comes to betting on the different games.

Virtual matches in the world of eSports are defined by a whole number of different factors, from using the stats of previous matches, to all new updated algorithms. Mortal Kombat is no exception to this, with it being a fighting game that’s now firmly established in the eSports competitive gaming scene. Taking one player and putting your money down on them, it behaves much like a professional real-time game would. There’s not much difference really, but there’s still plenty of tips and tricks you can employ to increase your chances of winning. Knowing the game itself is one good place to start, but you should also be aware of how previous matches have played in the past.

What are they, though, and how can you make the most of your wager, ensuring that your money goes even further in the process? Never fear, as we’re going to see what you can do when making sure that the odds play in your favor, ultimately giving you the upper hand.

Where To Bet Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches:

For the most part you’ll find yourself pretty much covered through Bovada, as they offer a range of Mortal Kombat bets around the clock on a global scale.

What is Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches?

These are usually organized through the sportsbooks themselves, and typically act as a smaller fun little wager that can take place at any time. Not requiring human players, it’s a straightforward showcase of two computer players using artificial intelligence, or AI, and fighting against one another. With little room for human error, you won’t need to know about who’s playing, although previous results from past real-time matches do sometimes help generate the outcome. Often it’s the case that the games are managed, with previous champions in the eSport overseeing the matches to ensure they run smoothly and fairly.

There are no prizes/trophies given, so it’s purely maths that’s driving the results, meaning your better equipped looking through the stats and data. Here’s a general look at how the games themselves take place, and what you can expect to see overall with the Mortal Kombat virtual matches:

  • Players: typically consists of two AI players facing off against one another, competing until one defeats the other by draining their energy.
  • Rounds: as it is with fighting games, this is normally best-of-three, taking place fairly quickly, although ties can happen, but this is rare, with extended time required accordingly.
  • Occurrence and Availability: they’re not always taking place, so you may need to wait for some time before you get a virtual match.

Once you find a match happening, it is then time to decide upon a winner before it takes place, placing your money down. Who will it be though, and how can you potentially make a more successful prediction prior the game itself?

Common Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches:

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How can I best view the games?:

It’s usually best to watch them through the sportsbooks themselves, as they’ll likely be the ones who are running them. A lot of the time it will depend upon when you login too, as they may not always be streaming or running the games. In many cases they’ll play the games on the sportsbooks’ own platform, or maybe link through to a channel on Twitch. Playing a simulation of the game, it’s also often the case that a previous eSports fighting champion will be overseeing the matches. This not only makes sure its fair, but it also lends an air of realism that it might not otherwise have had.

What are the winning signs?:

This can be difficult to determine given that it’s a computer generated result essentially, meaning you’ll have to rely on the algorithms. On the plus side you really don’t need an in-depth knowledge here as you would with real players, only needing to place your bet. While on live games of Mortal Kombat you’d need to be made aware of what the human players have to offer, and what their skillset is, here you don’t. You should make sure to watch a few games first seeing how they play out though, as you may see a pattern forming, along with gaining a better understanding overall. Often using a third-party generator too, fairness is ensured, with the sportsbooks themselves not knowing the results until they arrive for everyone else.

How to Bet Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches:


First simply head on through to the betting section of the site, and here all the games will be listed down the left side under the ‘Esports’ tab. ‘Mortal Kombat’ will be some way down, and all the upcoming available games, including any virtual matches, should be here if available. You can then select the individual matches, choosing the predicted player to win, along with going through to the props offered by opening the + number beside each game.

Mortal Kombat Virtual Matches Betting Strategy:

Again this is a little hard to determine by any of the usual metrics, but you can spread your bets across the board for better coverage. There will be odds provided too, so make the most of these, as you can make lots of smaller bets on the wagers with higher odds. Then, once a result finally does come through, you should see a greater windfall from your win, gaining more profit in the process.

Studying the numbers can help you, but it’s best to play numerous bets at once, waiting for the big win to come in. Once you are aware of all your options then, you should be able to increase your profit potential here in the long-run.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.

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Note: 50% to $1,000 bonus, head to head betting, live betting. If you are looking for the ultimate esports betting resource, check out BetOnline.