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Where To Bet Pro Wrestling Online


Yes – you can bet WWE. Yes – you can bet pro wrestling. Yes – you can even bet AEW and NJPW!

It’s a question I often get and I mean it makes sense. Wrestling is pre-determined. How exactly can sportsbooks offer pro wrestling betting online? Let’s quickly answer the common questions.

How can sportsbooks offer betting on results that are pre-determined? Well even though it is pre-determined it doesn’t mean everyone knows the results. And actually if you look through the history of pro wrestling betting, you’ll see lots of upsets. Just a random one but in 2013 there were two massive ones at +600 odds. Team Hell No beating the Rhodes Scholars at the Royal Rumble and then the month after with The Shield beating the team of Cena/Ryback/Sheamus at Elimination Chamber. There is rarely a pay per view where there isn’t an upset based on the odds.

Can’t Vince McMahon just bet himself? Sure, as could WWE employees. Sportsbooks however limit the amount that people can bet. Most sportsbooks will have a rule of being able to risk a maximum of $50 for example. As it is some of the people “in the know” do bet – but the results aren’t usually known until the day of the show. If you pay attention to the odds you’ll see that – Kevin Owens will go from a -150 favourite to a -2500 favourite. That’s an indication that the “smart money” is coming in.

On top of all that, sportsbooks use pro wrestling primarily as a loss leader – even though from the sportsbooks I’ve talked to, they all make money from pro wrestling bettors. Basically they use it as something different to “get you in the door” so to speak.

Where To Bet Pro Wrestling Online:

America: The best option for Americans by far is BetOnline. I used to advise Bovada however BetOnline have shown more versatility in their wrestling offerings (including AEW) and get the lines up fast.

If you want to bet at Bovada these guys have been offering pro wrestling betting since the very beginning, but they often stick to the biggest events of the year like WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. They were the first online sportsbook to do it and they have the most options for American gamblers.

Everywhere Else: I 100% recommend 888. They not only offer betting for every PPV however they offer various prop bets and futures. They offer a wide variety of pro wrestling betting and also offer a wide variety of props. They are without a doubt the best option for betting pro wrestling.

Promotion/League Specific Betting Guides:

AEW: All Elite Wrestling is the new promotion and potentially biggest competitor to WWE. It was founded in 2019 and online sportsbooks have been quick to offer betting odds for their monthly events. In this article I go into detail about where the best places are to bet AEW online, as well as discuss optimal AEW betting strategy which is quite different than WWE.

MLW: Major League Wrestling is a great promotion and one anyone can get into due to all their episodes being on YouTube. In this article I talk about whether you can bet MLW PPVs, where to look for betting MLW, and more MLW betting related talk.

NJPW: Founded in 1972, it’s taken almost 40 years but we can now actually place bets on New Japan Pro Wrestling online. From individual matches to tournaments such as the G1 Climax. In this article I go in depth on betting on NJPW.

Wrestling Deposit Bonuses
NXT: Initially just WWEs developmental league, it’s now treated as its own promotion. You are able to bet on every NXT Takeover event as well as TV ratings related to NXT and the Wednesday Night Wars. In this article I talk about where and how to bet on NXT, and what betting strategies to use.

ROH: ROH, or Ring of Honor, has been around since 2002. In this article I talk about whether you can bet ROH, where to look to see if you can bet on Ring of Honor, and the type of betting strategies to apply when betting on ROH.

WWE: WWE is the promotion that you will see the majority of betting options in. It’s rare to find other promotions where you can place bets on. In this section of the site I go into detail about WWE and all of the various pay per views as well and where to bet them, as well as strategies to use.

Other General Wrestling Bets:

Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings: One thing you can bet on over every promotion is the over/under on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings. For more details on that see this article.

Wrestling Federation Betting Guides

How to Bet Pro Wrestling Online:

BetOnline: It’s listed under either “Game Props” or “Futures” on the sidebar. Usually “Game Props” but I’ve seen it jump around. They have a deposit bonus and a lot of deposit options such as numerous Cryptocurrencies and also credit cards like Visa.

Bovada: Visit their website and register / log in. At the top section of the website there is a list of sports, find “Wrestling” and all the current odds will be posted there.

888: It’s easiest to just search for “Wrestling” and that will list all of the bets available. It will be broken into sections with one section for WWE Props/Futures and another for upcoming PPVs and all of the bets available.

What Wrestling Bets /Props Are There?

First the most obvious one – you can bet on who will win a match. Nice and simple. Even if it is a triple threat or a Royal Rumble. You can also usually bet “the field”. So say it is Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch. You don’t think Charlotte will win but you don’t know if Becky or Ronda will take it. You can bet “The Field” against Charlotte meaning as long as Becky or Ronda win you’re good.

There will be prop bets as well based on the WWE Championship. So if Brock Lesnar is the Universal Champion you’ll be able to bet when he loses it – “before Royal Rumble” or “before Wrestlemania” etc. You can also bet who will be the next to win the championship.

Whenever WWE does a superstar shake-up and advertise it in advance we’ve been able to bet on who will move to RAW and who will move to Smackdown as well.

Common Pro Wrestling Betting Questions:

Can I get my account banned for betting and being right all the time?

No. Sportsbooks know that there are a lot of people who can figure out pro wrestling that is why they limit your bets. However don’t worry even though you may think you know – pro wrestling is a lot harder to figure out and bet on. As someone who has been betting it since 2013 trust me – there are a lot of surprises.

Pro Wrestling Betting Strategy:

The biggest thing with pro wrestling is to think about longer term plans. Not that WWE always follow through with it and wins and losses obviously don’t matter as much as they should – but get in the mindset of the booking team and what is theoretically coming out afterwards. As while plans change, WWE generally have short term plans at least.

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