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Where To Bet NFL Scorecast


To paraphrase Vince Lombardi: scoring isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. You can have the best defense in the NFL and control the clock on offense, but if you can’t score what good are you? Scoring is all that matters in the end.

There are a lot of scoring related bets in the world of football. You can bet on the spread, you can bet on margin of victory, who will score first, and a too many more to even bother listing. One of the more popular betting options is scorecast which combines margin of victory with the first player to score. These are some big time bets that offer big time payouts if you hit them correctly.

This article is going to get into the world of scorecast as well as a ton of other NFL scoring related props.

Where To Bet NFL Scorecast:

America: BetOnline has a great sign-up bonus for new players and offers a lot of great promotions and contests during the season. There are plenty of NFL betting props to sink your teeth into as well.

Canada: The sportsbook at Sports Interaction has you covered for all of your NFL needs. They offer scoring props, player props, and much more.

Everywhere Else: Bet365 Sportsbook has a wide variety of betting options for NFL games and plenty of scoring props as well, including Scorecast.

What is NFL Scorecast betting?

Scorecast is a bet on what player will score first in the game and what the winning margin of the game will be. It is essentially a double bet where you need both outcomes to come true. It is very difficult to pick a winner, but the odds on this one are tremendous and a great bet if you’re looking for a large payout.

Other scoring related betting props are listed below.

First Score of Game: There are quite a few options for this one and all of them have profitable odds. The reason for that is this is pretty hard to pick! There are a lot of different possibilities for the first score of the game.

As an example, here’s the odds for a Browns/Ravens game:

  • Cleveland Browns Touchdown +175
  • Baltimore Ravens Touchdown +185
  • Baltimore Ravens Field Goal +340
  • Cleveland Browns Field Goal +340
  • Baltimore Ravens Safety +5000
  • Cleveland Browns Safety +5000

A touchdown is the most likely and the safety is the least likely, but all of the bets have payouts about even money.

Margin of Victory: This is a bet on a range of scores to say how much one team will win by. The odds here are very good, but again that’s because it is not very easy to bet on.

I’ll use the same Cleveland/Baltimore game as an example:

Cleveland Browns by 1 to 6 Points +325
Baltimore Ravens by 1 to 6 Points +350
Cleveland Browns by 7 to 12 Points +500
Baltimore Ravens by 7 to 12 Points +600
Cleveland Browns by 13 to 18 Points +750
Baltimore Ravens by 13 to 18 Points +800
Cleveland Browns by 19 to 24 Points +1200
Baltimore Ravens by 19 to 24 Points +1400
Cleveland Browns by 25 to 30 Points +2200
Baltimore Ravens by 25 to 30 Points +3300
Cleveland Browns by 31 to 36 Points +4000
Baltimore Ravens by 31 to 36 Points +5000
Cleveland Browns by 37 to 42 Points +6600
Baltimore Ravens by 37 to 42 Points +8000
Cleveland Browns by 43 Points or More +8000
Baltimore Ravens by 43 Points or More +10000

Score in the First 7 Minutes: This is a simple yes or no bet on if either of the two teams will score in the first seven minutes of the game. A similar bet to this is the “Race to 10 points”.

Team to Score Longest Touchdown: Which of the two teams will score the longest touchdown. This can be a tricky one because you never know when a big run or long pass will break out. A team could win 35-7, but if that single touchdown is the longest of the game, you lose.

Team to Score Longest Field Goal: A bet on which of the two teams will kick the longest field goal. A lot of factors are at play here, but you typically want to go with a team that you know have a player who can kick them.

Total Touchdowns: This is a bet on the amount of total touchdowns scored in the game. Not the final score or which team scores what, but simply how many touchdowns in the game combined between the two teams. 14-14 and 28-0 would both count as four total touchdowns.

An example of the odds:

Over 4.5 Touchdowns -125
Under 4.5 Touchdowns -105

Common NFL Scorecast Questions:

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How many unique final scores have there been in NFL history?

As of this writing there have been 1,070 unique final scores in NFL history. This is referred to as “Scorigami” and is actually kept track of at this website.

A lot of the unique scores might never be seen, like 2-2 or 73-51, but there are a lot still left on the board and we see new ones being added to the list all of the time. It’s a fun thing to track during the regular season and with teams now having the ability to score 1 point off extra point turnovers, there should be more added to this list.

How to Bet NFL Scorecast:

BetOnline: All of your betting options can be found in the sportsbook under the NFL tab. Game props will be listed below it or else you can click on the game itself to show a list of all the available betting props.

Sports Interaction: Click football on the left hand side of the sportsbook and go to NFL. When you have the list of games, click the game you want to see all of the betting options.

Bet365 Sportsbook:

NFL Scorecast Betting Strategy:

One of my favorite bets is the first score of the game betting prop. I typically like to take a look at the spreads and take a big favorite, and then bet on them to be the first team to score by touchdown. No matter how big of a favorite they are in the game or in the moneyline, this is still usually a pretty good bet odds-wise.

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